Brazilian Plastic Surgery

Why Brazil loves a tweak?


Brazil, home to the pioneer of the famous Brazilian Butt Lift, Ivo Pitanguy who died after a heart attack on the 6th of August, 2016 just one day after holding the Olympics torch in Rio was among one of the national icons. So it should not come as a surprise that the opening ceremony included the country’s most beautiful people leaving people all over the world wanting the look of their butts and boobs. Forbes has awarded Brazil a silver medal with total cosmetic procedures of 2,324,245 after the USA who gets the gold medal.


So how has plastic surgery become a billion-dollar industry in Brazil? There have been many speculations of the reasons behind the boom of Brazilian plastic surgery:


  • A boom in the economy: Studies have found that the demand for plastic surgery in a country correlates with their economy. This statement has definitely proved to be right for Brazil as the country has become one of the fastest growing economies along with the increase in demand for plastic surgery.
  • Special offers: The dean of plastic surgery, Ivo Pitanguy believed that plastic surgery is more than just beauty tweaks and focuses on spiritual and mental well-being. He is known to have introduced the system of heavily discounted procedures to accommodate the low-income demographic.
  • Blame the sun: A country with lots of beaches and sunny spells all year round does contribute to a certain beauty standard making people want to look good.


Brazilian plastic surgery now preferred in all parts of the world plays a role in replacing Photoshop with subtle tweaks in this modern world. As people continue to obsess over the perfect ‘selfies’ and ‘belfies’ for social media channels like Snapchat and now even on the newly introduced Instagram Story, plastic surgery will continue to lose its exclusivity. Despite this 2016 has been a year of ‘Body Positivity’ inspiring people to embrace themselves for the way they are, so who knows what is in store for the future of plastic surgery.


“Life teaches me every day. I believe that the sad thing about dying is to stop feeling this desire to always learn a bit more.
I try to balance my life between surgeries, lectures and conferences, without putting aside the enjoyment of living.”

Ivo Pitanguy

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