Why can’t we stay away from junk food?

Junk food is all around us with unhealthy snacks and takeaway meals are so easily available to us. It is inevitable that weight-related issues would arise from it. Worldwide 74% of men are considered overweight, and junk food is a major influence on this statistic.


Reasons why junk food is so addictive


Many researchers have been carried out and over the years it has been found that junk food is as addictive as drugs. Our brain processes the rewards from taking drugs and eating junk foods in the same way.

Our brain has a system known as ‘the reward system’ which rewards us after doing anything that helps towards our survival, like eating. When we eat our body recognises we are doing something good so it releases lots of the chemicals which create happiness and pleasure, Dopamine. Naturally, our brain seeks out anything that will make our brain release dopamine like laughter, love and even food. When eating junk food our body releases huge amounts of dopamine whereas natural healthy foods deliver standard amounts of dopamine. The reward from eating junk food is much more powerful than anything created naturally.


Harmful effects of excessive junk food consumption


  • Can cause type 2 diabetes; this is because most junk foods are pumped with glucose (artificial sugar) With the amount of sugar your body will not be able to produce enough insulin to help digest these sugars which will lead to diabetes.
  • Fatigue and weakness is another side effect of junk food. This is because most junk foods lack vital nutrients like vitamins and proteins. So people who regularly eat junk food are starved of these vital foods. This will make your energy level lower which will make day to day tasks very strenuous to carry out.
  • Depression is another main result of eating large amounts of junk food. It is for a couple of different reasons. A teenager may become depressed as they may become overweight and not like the appearance of their body. Or they may become depressed as teenagers during the hormonal changes need a steady diet to be able to help to control their mood swings. Because junk foods have barely any nutrients the balanced diet which is needed will not be given.
  • Liver damage is a daunting effect of junk food consumption. Excessive junk food consumption over a period of time has a similar effect on your liver as excessive alcohol consumption does. Eating these foods changes the enzymes in the liver which help to break things down such as trans fats. The enzymes will become less effective and will not be able to function properly. These enzymes can change within only 4 weeks.


Weight loss surgeries that aid to a healthier lifestyle.


  • Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty – This surgery where a portion of the stomach is removed to make it smaller. This means a person who undergoes this procedure will feel fuller quicker which will reduce their portion sizes, reducing their weight.
  • Stomach stapling – stomach stapling is just like a sleeve gastroplasty but the excess part of the stomach is not removed. Surgical staples are used to make the stomach smaller without cutting any away. Again the person will get fuller quicker making the portion sizes they eat smaller which will reduce their weight.
  • Gastric Balloon – a gastric balloon is a balloon-like device which is swallowed by the patient which is then inflated with saline water which will expand the balloon which will then decrease the free are in the stomach which will make it harder for the person to eat large amounts of food. After 12 months the balloon will be removed. This method involves no surgery and the effects are like the ones of surgical options.


With any weight loss surgery to get the full results, you must follow a strict diet as well as a nutritious one as your food intake will be limited so it needs to be very healthy.

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