Cosmetic Surgery abroad

Whether or not the procedure is in the UK or outside the UK there can always be risk and complications, but in the UK if you have a cosmetic procedure performed the plastic surgeon that has treated you will be required to provide aftercare. Also in the event of something going wrong the surgeon would need to discuss and provide a plan to rectify the problem. In countries outside the UK this is not an obligation and may not offer the support required that is provided in UK.


Risks of having cosmetic surgery abroad


Just because having cosmetic surgery abroad may seem more appealing due to cheaper costs the support of the surgeon and quality of care may not be offered so this should be taken into consideration before a final decision is made. Also if there is a decision to have surgery abroad time taken off work would be required to be considered due to travel and the recovery period. Also, air-flight after a procedure can be dangerous as it increases the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis which is when a blood clot forms in the vein which results in the blocking of blood flow.  The effects of this are; swelling, pain, tenderness and warm skin. To avoid risking the symptoms and problems listed above it is important to avoid the use of air-travel for between 5-7 days after procedures and listen to suggestions the surgeon may make. When having Cosmetic surgery abroad it is important to check if the clinic is clean and safe. In the UK the Health Care commission regulates UK clinics to ensure the facilities are clean and taken care of however countries outside the UK may not have the same monitoring of cleanliness which could mean the risks of infection outside the UK after cosmetic surgery is higher. It is very important to research the clinic before going through with any procedure, to ensure the clinic is clean and safe. Before making the decision to have a procedure outside the UK it is important to research the surgeon and the clinic before making any decisions, in the UK regulations ensure the safety of procedures although procedures anywhere are totally rid of risk.

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