Cosmetic surgery in Oscars goodie bag

Cosmetic surgery in Oscars goodie bag, is this the way to reward our celebs? The Oscars is a very grand event for the most elite actors and actresses to get recognised their great work. But what do they get in reward for all their hard work and dedication?  The gifts range from a trip to China to unlimited access to rental cars and more. But the star of the show is their offers of cosmetic surgery in Oscars goodie bag for the celebs. Vampire breast lifts, hair transplants and liposuction.


Breast Lifts


Using cosmetic surgery in Oscars goodie bag helps the celebs look younger for longer. So there is no doubt they would include surgery for breasts. Vampire breast lifts are a procedure that involves no downtime and no surgery. What happens is the doctor starts the procedure by withdrawing blood from the patient. The same way a blood test does. Once the blood is taken the blood is put into a machine which separates the red blood cells from the platelets, platelets are small cells without a nucleus. The platelets are then put into a solution which helps the platelets release a growth agent.  The natural fillers are then mixed with a little number of synthetic fillers to give a better result. The last stage is the actual injecting of the filler. This is done by a needle and a syringe, the filler gets put into the needed areas to give the breasts a better look.

Here we offer a similar procedure using fat cells. We liposuction areas like your thighs, stomach or back. Then we would inject your own fat cells into your breasts or buttocks to a size and shape best suited for you. This is a surgery-free way to get the body you want.


Hair Transplants


In the Cosmetic surgery in Oscars goodie bag they offer hair transplant treatments to stop the a-list celebs from balding young. Hair transplant surgery is when your own hair follicles are used from another part of your head to reproduce new hairs in the desired areas. This is done by plucking the healthy hair and piercing small holes in the bald area. Then they implant the follicles into the small holes to create new hair growth. The hair begins to grow normally, like the rest of your head of hair. By having this procedure it gives you back the full head of hair needed for all of the red carpet events! Again this procedure is non-surgical with means no downtime. Your wounds will heal within 5-7 days, this means the swelling and discomfort will subside very quickly.





Liposuction, a very popular procedure with both celebs and normal people, so it was a good idea putting cosmetic surgery in Oscars goodie bag. Liposuction is a very simple yet effective procedure. Liposuction involves fat being removed using a machine. This means you get instant weight loss without any working out, a very glam way of doing it.  This procedure again is non-surgical and you are given local anaesthesia when the procedure is taking place.  This means you are awake and able to communicate fully while the surgery is happening. After this procedure, there is a period of downtime due to the nature of the procedure.

I wonder what next years goodie bag will contain, maybe a breast augmentation? Or a tummy tuck?


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