Category: Dermatology

Different types of scars

If you’ve ever undergone a surgical procedure or been involved in an incident which involves cuts and incisions, chances ...
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What type of hair restoration surgeries can I have?

Our hair often plays a major role in our appearance, can be a great way to boost self-esteem and confidence, ...
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Surgical tattoo removal – what is it?

Having a tattoo can be a very large part of your life. After all, a tattoo can often be very ...
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Are you suffering from acne prone skin?

Why do I have acne prone skin? You may notice your skin is prone to acne. Why? Often it is ...
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Hair implant London

What are hair implants? Hair implants are synthetic implants used to mimic real hair. These implants give immediate results and ...
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The best methods for Skin Tag removal

What are skin tags? Skin tags are small flesh coloured or brown growths which hang off the skin and look ...
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Spider Veins Treatment

Spider Veins are small blood vessels that appear twisted and are visible through the skin, they are red, purple, or ...
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