DIY Surgery – Dangers of Black Market Surgery

Enhancing your body and changing your image has become very popular with more and more surgeries each year. Did you know some people have resorted to DIY surgery for a cheaper and quicker option. Little did they know that they are very dangerous and have been known to take lives.


Apryl Brown


This is a well known and feared case of disastrous DIY surgery. In June 2010 Apryl Brown was left fighting for her life in hospital after developing a staph infection after black market butt injections. She first noticed something was wrong when she started to feel a lot of pain in her buttocks. Over time the pain got worse and it got very itchy and red. Apryl ignored the symptoms however her hands and feet started to change colour indicating a staph infection. Her feet and hands had to be amputated as a result of this DIY surgery. She has also undergone over 27 reconstructive surgeries. Apryl Brown now is showing the people the danger of black market surgeries.

Oscarina Busse


She is a 35-year-old mother who underwent black market silicone butt injections to fulfil her desire to have the perfect ‘Dominican figure’. Oscarina Busse claimed her butt looked amazing straight after, however, six months after the procedure she noticed her buttocks begin to sag, and she compared it to a full diaper. The other side effects experienced was skin turning purple and peeling, ‘it looked like an onion’.  Oscarina paid $3000 for this procedure and believes the incisions were sealed with superglue. She has since looked for medical attention to correct her buttocks.

Rajee Narinsingh


Rajee Narinsingh is a 48-year-old transgender woman who has been undergoing DIY surgery for many years. She began to transition from male to female in her early 20’s. She has been getting silicone injections in her face, breast and buttocks. She began to notice rock like growths in her cheeks. Dr John Martin who is a reconstructive surgeon assessed these lumps and diagnosed them as lumps of cement. The ‘silicone’ injections were not silicone at all but just simply building cement. These injections left her face badly disfigured ruining her confidence and self-image. However, Dr John Martin removed the cement rocks in Rajee’s face making her look more ‘normal’ and restoring her confidence.




Oneal Ron Morris or better known as Duchess is a transgender black market ‘Booty Doctor’ specialising in DIY surgery. She has disfigured many men and women all over Florida with her surgeries. She is currently serving a prison sentence due to a manslaughter conviction after one of her ‘patients’ died of complications due to her treatments.  Oneal is also serving other separate convictions after disfiguring many people.  She has also performed these DIY surgeries on herself and friends

Her accomplice Corey was also convicted with relevant charges but later the charges were dropped. Duchess injected Corey with Mineral oil in his buttocks to enlarge it which is highly unsanitary. The surgeon who assessed him before undergoing a liposuction procedure said he was very lucky.

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