Hair implant London

What are hair implants?


Hair implants are synthetic implants used to mimic real hair. These implants give immediate results and are designed for men and women. It is very safe, simple and useful. It gives the appearance of a thick and full head of hair. As they are synthetic people worry about it looking unnatural but there is no need to worry. Biofibre hair can be made to any hair colour, length or thickness to match your existing hair making it virtually unnoticeable.


Why get Hair implant


There are many reasons why someone may consider any time of hair replacement treatment, it may be FUT, FUE or even Hair implants. Baldness may be genetic for some men who may cause a man to feel self-conscious or feel like they are ageing faster than they should be. Or someone may be suffering from Alopecia, it is a hair loss condition which causes large bald areas, it is very common among teenagers and young adults. Other issues like hormone imbalance, thyroid issues or stress may also cause baldness or thinning of the hair. When having health or mental issues which cause hair loss people may feel unattractive or undesirable as large areas of their hair will be missing and in some cases, it may not be easy to hide. So for cases like these people may want to treat the baldness.


Positives of having hair implant London

  • Instant results
  • Quick procedure
  • Safe procedure
  • No downtime so normal activities can resume also most straight after the procedure
  • There are no special maintenance requirements

Downside of having hair implant London

  • Over the years there may be a need for re-implantation in certain areas
  • Scalp must be kept clean to prevent infections
  • Following the aftercare plan is vital
  • People who have a sensitive scalp or who have any scalp diseases are recommended not to undergo the procedure


What Happens during the procedure?

As each case will be different there is no set time for how long one session of hair implants will take but it is not a very short procedure but it is not as long as procedures such as FUE. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia which means the patient is fully awake and is aware of what is going on.  A special implant tool is used to implant the hair, it is used to hook the biofibre hair and insert it in the scalp one by one. Depending on how many hairs are inserted the procedure may be over in a short amount of time. Generally, a patient would have 2500 hairs implanted to give a full head of hair look.

After the implantation, you can almost immediately go back to work and everyday activities however your scalp needs to be kept clean at all times. It is also very normal for some of your hairs to fall out. A patient will be fully healed within 30 days.

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