Why would I need implant exchange surgery?

Have you had a breast augmentation procedure, but are unhappy with the results? Maybe some time has passed, and now you’re wanting to increase or decrease the size of your implants, or maybe remove the implants altogether. A breast implant revision may be the solution you are looking for.

Why would I need breast implant revision surgery?


After an initial breast augmentation, you may find the results aren’t exactly what you imagined. The implants may be too small or too large. You may want the shape to be corrected or any asymmetry to be fixed. For those who have had implants for a longer period of time, you may have developed capsular contracture, in which case you may wish for the implants to be exchanged or removed altogether.

Which implants are right for me?


If you are having your implants exchanged, you will need to decide on the size and shape of the implants. The implants will either be teardrop or round and will be placed above or below the muscle.

Centre for Surgery uses silicone implants, which are approved by the UK medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency. Silicone will make the breasts appear and feel natural, and are safer than saline implants, which are no longer used in the UK.

If you are wanting the implants to be larger than the original, the surgeon will need to assess whether you have enough tissue to cover the implants. If the implants are too big, the edges may be noticeable.

How is breast implant revision completed?


The first step is to have a consultation with the surgeon who will complete the procedure. This will allow you to discuss your issues with the surgeon and gain an idea of the desired outcome. This will also allow you to have a better idea of how you may look after the chosen procedure.

To avoid giving you more scars, your original scar will be used to remove the implants. An incision will be made, and the implant will be removed. If you are having the implant size increased, you may be required to undergo an internal release of the breast capsule, in order for there to be enough space for the larger implant.

Breast implant revision takes one to two hours to complete. The procedure will be completed under a general anaesthetic exclusively used at Centre for Surgery, known as ClearSleep™.

What can I expect during the recovery period?


After the breast implant revision, you may experience some pain and discomfort, however, this can be managed with pain medication. You will need to take at least two weeks off work. This may be longer if your job involves lots of physical activity. You will need to avoid any strenuous activity for four to five weeks.

Are there any risks?


Any surgery, including corrective surgery, carries potential risks. Breast implant correction has a higher risk of capsular contracture, where scar tissue forms around the implants, causing it to tighten or end up misshapen.

Rare risks include:

  • Infection
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Reaction to anaesthetic used



Are you interested in breast implant revision? This is a procedure Centre for Surgery currently offers. Contact us today to find out more or to book a procedure. 

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