Introducing the ClearField™ technique

ClearField™ is a carefully designed protocol pioneered at Centre for Surgery and is applied to all breast augmentation and abdominoplasty procedures. The primary goal is the attainment of a dry surgical field.

The ClearField™ technique is exclusive to Centre for Surgery.

What is the ‘surgical field?’


The surgical field is the area of soft tissue dissection which is created by the surgeon during the course of breast augmentation and abdominoplasty surgery. In breast augmentation, this relates to the creation of the surgical pocket into which the implant is then placed. In abdominoplasty surgery, this relates to the creation of the abdominal flap which is then subsequently pulled down and trimmed.

In both breast augmentation and abdominoplasty, the surgeon has to deal with ’ ‘perforator’ vessels. These vessels must be properly controlled to eliminate bleeding.

The surgical field must remain as bloodless as possible to reduce the risk of complications. Complications can include excessive pain, haematoma and infection. Traditional techniques which are still used in many hospitals today focus on procedure speed at the expense of ensuring the surgical field remains bloodless.

The fundamental goal of the ClearField™ technique is the creation of a dry surgical field.

Advantages of the ClearField™ technique


A dry surgical field means:

  • Less pain
  • Less risk of bleeding during or after your procedure
  • A lower risk of infection

How does ClearField™ result in less pain?


Blood when it leaks into tissues results in staining of the tissues leading to an inflammatory response. The release of inflammatory mediators in an intense inflammatory reaction and this can significant pain after the procedure. Being gentle with the tissues also helps to reduce pain after surgery.

How does ClearField™ result in less bleeding?


The surgeon uses the principle of ‘pre-emptive haemostasis’ (identifying and sealing blood vessels before they have a chance to bleed). Sealing blood vessels before they bleed is the primary strategy used by surgeons in the ClearField™ technique.

How does ClearField™ result in a lower risk of infection?


The accumulation of blood in the tissues during surgical dissection increases the chance of a haematoma developing. A haematoma is a collection of blood which is often caused by the surgeon failing to seal blood vessels fully with cautery. Haematomas are ideal culture mediums for infection to develop. The prevention of haematoma is a key part of the ClearField™ technique.

What does the ClearField™ technique involve?


  • Patients receive a carefully chosen combination of medications which are designed to significantly reduce bleeding. These medicines also carry very little in the way of side effects.
  • The surgical field is pre-injected with a vasoconstrictor which constricts blood vessels meaning they ooze very little when cutting during surgical dissection
  • With the use of hand switching monopolar diathermy and employing the principle of ‘preemptive haemostasis’ – sealing blood vessels before blood leaks into tissues is the hallmark of this technique.

Using the ClearField™ technique means your procedure takes slightly longer than standard techniques but both short and long-term outcomes are better when surgeons use the ClearField™ technique compared with traditional methods of soft tissue dissection.



If you are interested in either breast augmentation or abdominoplasty using the ClearField™ technique, please schedule a consultation by calling 0207 993 4849.

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