Keller Funnel – ‘No Touch’ Technique

The Keller Funnel is a way of inserting implants without touching them. This invention was created by Dr. Kevin M. Keller who is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the USA. Its popularity has rapidly grown since 2009. The Keller Funnel is a thin, flexible but durable funnel which the implant is then inserted into. It can be adjusted to work with different implant sizes.


What is the Keller Funnel used for?


The Keller Funnel is used to insert silicone gel implants up to 800cc. However, the Keller Funnel is not limited to just breast implants. It can be used for calf implants, buttock implants and any other larger silicone implants. Using the Keller Funnel has many advantages and practically no disadvantages. One of the best things about using a Keller Funnel for breast implants is that the surgeon will not touch the implant. This is beneficial for both the patient and the surgeon as there is a much smaller risk of infection also there is a much smaller risk of future ruptures. Another advantage is that the incision will be very small; this is because the funnel will be able to fit the implant in the small incision creating a smaller scar. Lastly, by using this funnel, surgeons are able to insert the implants via the areola. This makes the scars almost undetectable and would give a more natural yet flawless look.


What is the ‘no-touch’ technique?


A sterile environment could still have a small chance of getting bacteria on the shell of the implant, no matter how careful your surgeon may be while handling it. The ‘no-touch’ technique promoted by a Keller funnel helps a surgeon completely the risk by not having the need to come in contact with the implant. Not only that, it does not rub against your skin during the insertion process and also lessens the risk of capsular contracture.

Keller Funnel is used in the operating room not only for sterility but also for the benefits it provides to the patient.

When choosing the treatment best-suited Skincare treatments you should consider the outcomes you will want. You should consult with the therapist beforehand to make sure that treatment is the right choice.



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