Men and cosmetic surgery – What to ask during the consultation?

For many years now there has been a rather large stigma between men and cosmetic surgery. Some men believe that if they have any type of cosmetic surgery they will lose a part of their masculinity. But why is there this stigma? Typically men are shyer during consultations due to this which makes the consultations brief and not informative. We thought it would be useful to show you the most typical questions asked by men during their consultation!

1)    Men and cosmetic surgery  – How many men get this surgery?

This is a very very common question asked by men. This is because knowing that other men do get cosmetic surgery eases them during the consultation. In any case knowing you’re not alone comes as a comfort to anyone.

2)    Men and cosmetic surgery  – How long do I have to wait before going back to the gym and other sports?

Most men do take pride in their health and appearance so having a break from the gym can be quite daunting. Some men’s main priority is to get back to the gym as soon as possible; however, it is very important to know your surgeon’s guide time for recovery so you can stay safe and healthy.

3)    Men and cosmetic surgery  – What are the risks?

Male or female it is very important to know the risks associated with the surgery. This may help you to decide if you are going ahead with the procedure.

4)    Men and cosmetic surgery  – What do I have to stop in order to be able to go ahead with the procedure.

This is a very important question as if someone is a smoker, on certain medications, has a health condition or drinks heavily this can affect not only the healing but also how the surgery may go. Things like smoking may affect the blood as well as how you will react.

We recommend whilst in your consultation you ask as many questions as you can to ensure you completely understand what the surgeon is saying and what will happen!

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