Top 5 myths about breast enlargement

Many people believe some strange myths about breast enlargement. From unusual ways to naturally grow them to DIY breast enlargements. However, we are here to tell you the truth about breast implants and to banish some of the common myths about breast enlargement.


1) ‘All implants look completely fake’


This is completely wrong. There are different shapes, sizes and materials of implants used to create different breast shapes. The size and shape of your implant determine the outcome of your breast augmentation. Teardrop implants are used for a very natural yet enhanced chest whereas round implants are used to create volume and shape.


2) ‘I can’t breastfeed with implants!’


Again this statement is completely false. It is 100% safe and doable to breastfeed after surgery. The implants will have no effect on the mammary gland, this gland is what produces the milk. The glad increases during pregnancy as it is preparing for feeding the newborn.  This will make your breasts larger; however, it should not cause any complications or pain.


3) ‘My boobs will feel like rocks’


All lies!! Any good surgeon should use implants which are made out of cohesive silicone gels. These gels make the implants hard to rupture but feel just like any natural breast tissue. They feel and look like natural breasts without any sagging.


4) ‘There are links with breast cancer and implants’


This accusation came around due to the common issue that came to light with pip implants in 2011. These French implants had been manufactured with industrial grade silicone.  This then caused issues with users of the pip implants. Thankfully due to this issue implants and the materials which go into making them are much more tightly regulated and tested for the end users safety.


5) ‘Breast implants need to be replaced every 10 years’


This is completely untrue.  Implants only need to be replaced when they are causing you any issues such as rippling, swelling pain or discomfort. There is no need to replace them if there is nothing wrong. Like the old saying, ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.’

Here at Centre for Surgery, we only use silicone implants. They are completely safe and beautifully made. All of the women who have had breast implants here love the results. We are very grateful for the stunning outcomes.

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