Patient Stories: Dexter Montgomery

Centre for Surgery is interviewing past patients to find out about the procedure they undertook, what made the patient want the procedure and how they found the recovery period. 

Dexter Montgomery, 18, visited Centre for Surgery for a male breast reduction, after having suffered from gynecomastia.

Dexter revealed the gynecomastia had given “me mental health issued growing up and it was just something that I didn’t want to have and it made me feel really different so I kind of felt like it was something I needed to do.”

Dexter had been wanting to undertake the procedure since he was 13 years old. However, the NSH requires you to be at least 18 years old and has a long list of requirements. As a result of this, Dexter felt the best option was to look privately.

Dexter and his mother, Melanie, turned to the search engines, and that’s when they stumbled across Centre for Surgery.

“I did phone a couple of the companies and I didn’t like the way they sounded on the phone,” Melanie said.

“Gregory [a Centre for Surgery patient consultant] stuck out, he had had the procedure, so he was very reassuring. He wasn’t pushy either which was really nice.”

Dexter was able to schedule a male breast reduction for February 2018. Despite some initial nerves, the procedure went “really well.”

Often the recovery period is one of the first things a patient will ask about prior to having any procedure. So what was the recovery from male breast reduction like?

“Recovery was really good actually, I was bed bound for about two weeks, I would have little walks around the garden but other than that I was just relaxing in bed for like a week, week and a half. For a week he wasn’t doing much, but after that, you started to do things.”

Recovery was mostly pain-free, aside from having the tubes removed from the side of the scars.

So after his procedure, what did Dexter have to say about Centre for Surgery?

“I would 100% without a doubt recommend Centre for Surgery.”



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