Patient Stories: John

Centre for Surgery is interviewing past patients to find out about the procedure they undertook, what made the patient want the procedure and how they found the recovery period. 

John*, 24, came to Centre for Surgery in mid-2017 for a male breast reduction to treat his gynecomastia.

Why did you want this procedure?


“I got to the stage where I had lost about three stone, and I used to measure everything, and I realised that nipple to nipple would never go down. I could build my [muscles] but that measurement would never go down.”

“One day I was watching a YouTube person who does workouts, and he put something in the corner, gynecomastia, and there is the other one, which is the normal fat one. So when I saw that and he was talking about it, he was saying if you think you’ve got gynecomastia and your chest looks like this, there’s no other way you can get rid of it other than surgery. So that was the first time I ever knew anything about it, that there were even two types. So I was like what’s this? So I went on to Google and I was thinking yeah this looks similar to mine, so I was just looking, looking and then I went on some forums and you see people saying yeah, there’s no way, there’s nothing I can do, some people go to a GP and they get put on a waiting list for ages, and they would love to have it done, but they don’t have the money. But they’re like there’s no way you can get rid of it except surgery.”

“So I went to the GP first, they examined me, they said yeah you have [gynecomastia]. Then after, I was thinking about the wait list, I was an eager beaver just to get it done. I was thinking you might as well just get it over and done with.

Then I came, got the procedure done, and everything is better. You’re happier, you can wear what you want, you can wear t-shirts, just go out, go on holidays, stuff like that, it just doesn’t restrict you.”

What made you choose Centre for Surgery?


“So I was talking to my cousin about it, and she said she’ll go and check the surgery people that do it, and I was looking as well, one other person came up… So I came [to Centre for Surgery] for a consultation first, felt comfortable, told me what the procedure would be, the risks that could happen, told me everything, put it on the plate, examined me as well, took pictures and they gave me a date, so I felt comfortable, I thought they will get the job done.”

What was the recovery period like?


“Six weeks. So you have to wear a compression vest for up to six weeks, so after that, it’s alright. The recovery was alright, it went well, I was just allergic to the antibiotics. I didn’t really have pain, only after the surgery. I was stiff because of where my shoulders were positioned, but it was only painful for a day.”

Would you recommend Centre for Surgery?


“Yeah, they make you feel comfortable, they get the job done properly, and they keep up with you if you need anything you can just come. They call you up, check up on you, check how the recovery is going, always give you follow-up appointments. If you can’t make it they will give you another date close to it, it’s not like they say come a month later, maybe two or three days later or whenever you have time.”



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* name changed and stock photo used.

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