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An official quotation will be sent to you the next working day after your consultation with a consultant surgeon. The official quotation gives a full breakdown of the planned and possible costs of your surgery.

Please note the guide prices given below are not fixed prices for surgery.

Your official quotation is all-inclusive. Where there are possible costs related to the need for future surgery, these will be clearly stated. In the event of a touch-up or correction being required within the first six months following your procedure, the surgeons fee and facility fee is waived.



Abdomen – upper and lower – From £3495

Abdomen (upper and lower) and love handles – From £4495

Flanks – From £2995

Back and flanks – From £3995

Outer and inner thighs – From £5195

Outer thighs – From £3495

Inner thighs – From £3195

Upper arms – From £2995

Read more about liposuction here

Fat transfer to buttocks

Fat transfer to buttocks – From £6495 (depends on number of harvested areas and volume to be transferred)

Read more about fat transfer to buttocks here

Buttock implant removal – £2995

1st stage removal of buttock implants and 2nd stage liposuction + fat transfer to buttocks – From £7995

Tummy Tuck

Full tummy tuck – From £6495

Read more about full tummy tuck here

Mini tummy tuck – From £4495

Read more about mini tummy tuck here

Belly button correction (Umbilicoplasty)

Umbilicoplasty – From £1795

Umbilicoplasty + umbilical hernia repair – From £2995

Read more about umbilicoplasty here

Arm lift

Arm lift – From £4195

Read more about arm lift here

Thigh lift

Thigh lift – From £4795

Read more about thigh lift here

Bra-line backlift

Buttock lift

Male chest reduction

Gynecomastia surgery – From £4495

For very severe grades of gynecomastia:

Breast amputation + free nipple graft – From £6495

Read more about male chest reduction here

Abdominal etching

Abdominal etching for men – From £5995

Read more about abdominal etching here

Male chest enlargement

Standard sized pectoral implants – From £6795

Custom sized pectoral implants (special factory order) – From £7495

Fat transfer to the chest – From £6495

Pectoral implant removal – £2995

Read more about male chest enlargement here

Calf augmentation

Standard sized calf implants – From £4995

Custom sized calf implants (special factory order) – From £5495

Fat transfer – £5995

Calf implant removal – £2495

Read more about calf augmentation here

Male genital surgery

Male circumcision – £1800

Read more about male circumcision here

Scrotoplasty (scrotal lift surgery) – £2500

Testicular implants – £3200

Penile enlargement surgery:

Penile girth enlargement – From £5400

Penile length enlargement – From £5800

Female genital surgery

Labiaplasty – From £2995

Read more about labiaplasty here

Vaginoplasty – From £4995

Read more about vaginoplasty here

Hymenoplasty – £3495

Read more about hymenoplasty here

Surgical Tattoo Removal

Single stage surgical excision and sutured closure – £1495

2 / 3 stage surgical excision and sutured closure – From £2495

Surgical excision + skin grafting or local flaps – From £3495

Read more about surgical tattoo removal here

C-section scar revision

C-section scar revision – From £1500

Armpit sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis)

Treatment of armpit sweating using suction-curettage – From £3500

Read more about treatment of armpit sweating using suction curettage here

Buffalo hump removal

Buffalo hump removal  – From £3500

Read more about buffalo hump removal here

Lipoedema reduction

Lipoedema reduction surgery for women (vibration liposuction) – From £7500

Read more about Lipoedema reduction surgery here


Breast augmentation / Breast uplift / Breast reduction

Breast augmentation with round silicone implants – From £3995

Breast augmentation with anatomical silicone implants – From £4595 (depends on implant size)

Read more about breast augmentation here

Breast uplift (mastopexy) without implants – From £5295

Single stage mastopexy + augmentation with breast implants – From £6995

Two stage mastopexy-augmentation – From £7495

Read more about breast lift here

Breast reduction – From £5995

Read more about breast reduction here

Removal of breast implants only – From £2495

Removal and replacement of breast implants (implant exchange) – From £5195 for round implants

Implant exchange + mastopexy (single stage) – From £6495

Read more about breast implant exchange procedures here

Fat transfer to breasts

Fat transfer to breasts – From £5995 (depends on number of harvested areas and volume to be transferred)

Read more about fat transfer to breasts here

Nipple-areola surgery

Inverted nipple correction – one side from £1195

Inverted nipple correction – both sides from £1595

Read more about inverted nipple correction here

Nipple reduction – one side from £1195

Nipple reduction – both sides from £1595

Read more about nipple reduction here

Areola reduction – one side from £1495

Areola reduction – both sides from £1895

Read more about areola reduction here

Corrective breast surgery

Capsular contracture correction – From £5495

Read more about capsular contracture surgery here

Symmastia correction – From £8495

Read more about Symmastia correction here

Breast asymmetry correction – From £6495

Read more about breast asymmetry correction here

Tuberous breast correction – From £7495

Read more about tuberous breast correction here


Rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty (open or closed approach) – From £3995

Read more about rhinoplasty here

Eyelid (blepharoplasty) surgery

Upper eyelids only – From £1995

Lower eyelids only – From £3495

Upper and lower eyelids  – From £4995

Read more about blepharoplasty here

Facelift surgery

Full facelift – From £6495

Read more about facelift here

Mini facelift – From £4995

Read more about mini facelift here


Necklift – From £4495

Read more about necklift here

Necklift + neck liposuction – From £5495


Full browlift – From £4495

Lateral temporal browlift (mini-browlift) – From £2995

Read more about browlift here

Fat transfer to face

Fat transfer to face – From £2995

Read more about fat transfer to face here

Facial implants

Chin implant insertion – From £3995

Read more about chin implants here

Cheek implants – From £4995

Read more about cheek implants

Chin implant / Cheek implants removal – From £1995

Dimple creation

One side – From £1995

Both sides – From £2495

Read more about dimple creation here

Buccal fat pad reduction

Neck liposuction

Neck liposuction – From £2995

Read more about neck liposuction here

Surgical lip lift (upper lip)

Surgical lip reduction

Upper lip – From £2495

Lower lip – From £3495

Upper and lower lip – From £4495

Read more about lip reduction here

Otoplasty / Pinnaplasty (ear pinning)

One side – From £2195

Both sides – From £2895

Read more about otoplasty /pinnaplasty here

Earlobe correction

Earlobe repair for split earlobes:

One side – From £695
Both sides – From £1095

Earlobe repair for stretched earlobes:

One side – From £795
Both sides – From £1195

Earlobe reduction surgery:

One side – From £895
Both sides – From £1295

Read more about earlobe reconstruction here

Forehead osteoma removal

Surgical technique is open (minimal scar) removal.

From £1895

Read more about forehead osteoma removal here

Facial scar revision

Facial scar revision (excision +/- steroid injection +/- fat grafting) – From £1695

Rhinophyma reduction surgery (bulbous nose reduction)

Rhinophyma reduction (bulbous nose) – From £1595

Read more about rhinophyma surgery here

Surgical dermatology of head and neck

Skin tag, wart, cyst, mole removal of head and neck region – From £395

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