Questions to ask during your surgical consultation

Before you decide to undergo any surgery you need to be fully aware of every aspect of your possible surgery. During your surgical consultation, this is the perfect time to ask all of your questions. Here at Centre for Surgery our surgical consultations are carried out by the surgeon who will be performing the procedure as we believe it will give the best outcome. Here a suggested list of questions that should be asked during this surgical consultation


1) How will the surgery be performed?


This question should be asked in any surgical consultation as it is important to be fully prepared and aware what will happen during the procedure, avoiding any surprises.


2) What are the risks?


With all surgical procedures, risks will be involved. In some cases, the risks will outweigh the benefits of undergoing the procedure. Ultimately hearing the risks from a trained surgeon will help you decide if this surgery is right for you. It will also warn you what may happen in the worst case scenario.


3) How many times have you performed this procedure?


It may put you at ease if you are in the capable hands of a very highly qualified and experienced surgeon. However, if the surgeon has not performed as many surgeries as another surgeon it does not mean he is not as good or qualified as others. Just do your research.


4) What is your infection rate?


This is very important to know as it gives you a clear image of how successful this surgeon’s surgery history have been and it also shows you how much care they give during the procedure.

5) What should I stop before my procedure?


You will need to know up to a month in advance when dealing with either medications or habits that need to be stopped. For instance, smoking needs to be stopped up to four weeks before the procedure to help recovery and how smoothly the procedure will run.

6) What should I expect during my recovery period and how long will it last?


This is very important to be aware of what will happen during your recovery period, what to avoid and how long you may need to take off of work. This is so you are able to have the safest and most comfortable recovery period.

7) What are the possible complications that may occur during the surgery?


This needs to be asked so you are aware and can assess what can/may happen during the procedure and see if you still would like to undergo it knowing this information.

8) What advice or tips would you give me before this procedure?


It is best to ask for tips or advice before the procedure as it will help you to prepare for the surgery and it will also help to give you the best end result.


9) What should I do on the morning of my procedure?


If you are looking to undergo a procedure it is a great idea to be aware of what you need to do the morning of the procedure. This is so you are ensuring the procedure runs safely as well as prepping you fully for the procedure.

Hopefully, this list of questions will help you have a better surgical consultation experience. Also, it should be able to give you the answers you want and need.

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