Remove Saddlebags -The solution

Remove Saddlebags the Solution:

What are “saddlebags” referring to? 

Saddlebags refers to the excess fat found commonly in the hips, thighs, buttocks. This excess fat can be caused by genetics and in some cases by a poor diet. There are a number of ways to remove saddlebags such as by having a strict diet and by the use of exercise. For those that struggle to have time to exercise Liposuction is a great method and quick solution to remove saddlebags (the excess fat).

Solution to Saddlebags-Liposuction;

A solution to the excess fat known as saddlebags can be to use Liposuction methods. Particularly in the thighs liposuction is very effective to use as there are often large pockets of fat on the outside of the thighs which can be noticeable. This fat on the outside of the thighs is mostly genetic, diet and exercise may not be that effective if it is caused by genetics. however Liposuction is very effective at the removal of the excess fat around saddlebag areas. The fat is suctioned out using a cannula which is inserted into the incisions created by the surgeon in the area of treatment, lipomatic is the technique used which is the vibration of the cannula to break up the fat so it is easily removed.


A patient that had the problem of saddlebags and used Liposuction as a solution; Karen, 27 “I have always noticed the excess fat located on my thighs, and it became something I felt very uncomfortable about. I wouldn’t have the confidence to wear skirts or anything that could possibly show my thighs which affected me a lot. I tried to join the gym and made myself a strict diet to try and remove this excess fat but after months of trying no difference was made in that region. I looked online to try and find a solution and it became clear that Liposuction was the way to remove the excess fat instantly. I decided to go through with the procedure and I’m delighted with the results, I can now go on holidays and wear a bikini rather than staying indoors wearing jeans to hide my thighs, my life is much happier.”

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