Scarless breast augmentation? – Transumbilical breast augmentation

Every woman’s ideal surgery would be completely scarless. How about if I told you that there was a breast augmentation which is almost completely scarless. This procedure is called a Transumbilical breast augmentation. This procedure involves the implant to be inserted through the belly button.

Transumbilical breast augmentation – How is it performed?

This procedure starts off with the patient being numbed or put to sleep. Next, an incision will be made inside the belly button to avoid any scarring. The surgeon will use a special tool to create a tunnel from the umbilicus (Belly button) to the breast.

The tool will then be used to create a pocket where the implant will be placed, the implant is then attached to the rod deflated and placed within the pocket. The implant is then inflated with saline. Once it is inflated the umbilicus will be sutured closed. This then creates a no scar breast augmentation.

Transumbilical breast augmentation – Advantages

The most obvious bonus to this surgery is that there are no visible scars around the breast area. Another advantage is that the size of the implant can be changed easily by either removing or adding more saline.

Transumbilical breast augmentation – Disadvantages

With the joy of having no scars, there are many disadvantages to this surgery. First of all, the surgeon will blindly creating the implant pocket with can cause issues in the long run. Also nowadays saline implants are not used as commonly as gel or silicone implants due to complications that have happened in the past.  Some surgeons have said that there is a lack of consistency within the breast and that there is a higher risk rate in doing the procedure this way.

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