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Why have a C-Section scar revision?

If you had a C-Section, you may not be happy with the scar left by the procedure. There are situations when the lower abdomen experiences a dent, because the tissues beneath the scar were not properly repaired. The majority of women start to be discontented with this aspect in their mid-thirties, because then appears an accumulation of fat on their lower abdomen, and it makes the scar looking worse than it did before. If your general abdominal contour looks good, then you can benefit from a Caesarian scar revision, because it can improve the appearance of your lower abdominal contour and scar. This procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia.

Who is a good candidate for C-Section scar revision?

An ideal candidate is a slim patient with a scar localised on the lower abdominal contour. There are situations when women have a difficult labour and the doctor decides to perform an emergency Caesarian. In this situation, the scar is the reminder of an unpleasant event and they want to have it removed. The specialists from Centre for Surgery use special suture techniques to improve the deeper tissues and the look of the scar. Depending on the particular case of the patient, if a woman experiences muscle laxity or significant fat, then it may be recommended to have a mini-abdominoplasty.

Before the surgery

If the woman has weight issues, then the doctors may advise her to lose weight before having the procedure, because the best results are achieved in patients who are the right weight for their height. Therefore, the doctor may recommend them a diet during the consultation phase. In case the patient smokes, then she may be advised to quit, because it prevents the wounds from healing correctly.

What does the C-Section scar revision imply?

As stated before the surgery is performed under local anaesthesia. In case the patient wants, she can have sedation. The procedures will not last more than 45-60 minutes, and this is why doctors recommend their patients to bring their favourite music to listen to on headphones during the procedure. After the operation, the patient will feel no pain, because the doctor will use a long-lasting local anaesthetic injection. But, when the effects of the anaesthetic passes, it is recommended to take painkillers, as paracetamol, because she may experience an unpleasant sensation. The first week the abdomen will feel tight, and this is why the doctors recommend women to avoid practicing strenuous exercises during this period.

What should women expect from a C-Section scar revision?

The scar revision leaves a scar on the lower abdomen area, longer than the traditional C-Section scar. Depending on the body of the patient, there are cases when the cars look better than others, but at the beginning, all of them are red. The doctor will offer the patient recommendations on how to improve the scar formation.

In addition, if you want to have this procedure, you should know that it would not remove the excess fat from your abdomen. If this is the case, and you have excess fat, it is advisable to have a liposuction. Also, if you have mild skin excess or muscle laxity the doctor may recommend you having a mini-abdominoplasty. In case you think of getting pregnant again, then the skin will get stretched again.

It is not advisable to get involved into strenuous activities for at least 10 days. You are allowed to perform light activities. After the procedure, the scar will look like a fine line, but in the following weeks, it may become red and raised. You should not worry, because in time, it will fully settle and it will be flat, fine and pale. The doctor will offer the patient advice on how to improve the look of the scars that are not settling.

Are there any risks involved by the procedure?

In the majority of cases, the doctors perform this operation as a day case, and they use only local anaesthetic. The following weeks after the procedure, the scar will be supported with tape, but there are no risks associated with this operation.

Frequently asked questions about C-Section scar revision

Should I have a scar revision or mini-abdominoplasty?

If you are a slim patient, and the only issue that is bothering you is the scar, then it is recommended to have a scar revision. In case you are dealing with skin excess or muscle laxity, then you may need a mini-abdominoplasty. The C-Section scar revision does not remove the excess skin, and if this is the problem in your case, then you may need a liposuction.

How soon after the C-section can I have a scar revision?

You should know that each woman is different, and the answer differs according to the case. It is advisable to wait at least 6 months from the C-section, before having a scar reduction. In some cases it is recommended to wait a year, because it is important your weight to be stable. In addition, if you plan to have more kids in the future, you should wait until then to have this procedure.

Do I have to lose weight before the operation?

If you are overweight, or if the doctor considers that your weights is not right for your height, you should consider following a diet and practicing sport, for achieving great results. The best results are with slim patients, and if you have difficulties in loosing lower abdominal fat, then you should consider having a mini-abdominoplasty.

Can I leave the clinic after having the procedure?

The C-Section scar revision will not last more than 1 hour, and the doctor will perform it under local anaesthesia, so you will be able to leave the clinic after having the procedure. It is advisable to avoid practicing exercises and to support the scar with tape for the following weeks, for getting the best results. This operation has no risks, so there are no reasons to stay overnight.

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