Chin implants

If you feel like your facial balance is out of proportion, particularly in the lower third of the face, you may benefit from a chin implant.

Centre for Surgery use specially customised silicone implants which are inserted into your jawline. Chin surgery can be done on its own or can be performed in conjunction with procedures such as rhinoplasty, fat transfers to face or a facelift.


Anaesthesia type: ClearSleep

Procedure time: 3 hours

Recovery time: 2 days

There are numerous benefits to undergoing chin implants, including:

  • Defined jawline improving the overall facial feature
  • Improves receding, weak jaw
  • Enhances neckline
  • Helps boost self-esteem

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All patients should be in good health and have realistic expectations about what can be achieved with chin implants surgery.

We do not treat patients below the age of 18 years of age.

Healing is better if patients refrain from or quit smoking.

The chin implants procedure is performed purely for cosmetic purposes, to help improve one’s image and self-esteem.

Good candidate includes people with:

  • Weak, receding chin
  • Prominent nose and do not want to have a rhinoplasty
  • Do not like the structure of their chin
  • Fleshy neck

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The consultation begins by having an opportunity to discuss your ideas, concerns and expectations about the chin implants procedure with your surgeon, and ask any relevant questions you may have.

Your chin implants surgeon will:

  1. Take a focused history and examine you
  2. Explain the chin implants procedure
  3. Take your needs and preferences into account when deciding on the most appropriate treatment option for you

A chin implants surgeon can be either from a plastic surgery, ENT surgery or maxillofacial surgery background. All three specialities are fully trained to perform chin implants.

Chin implant surgery is a safe way to make your face in proportion. The surgery generally involves cutting the jaw and resetting the alignment of the jaw to restore proportions.


Chin implants

However, Centre for Surgery performs chin surgery with implants, a procedure we are renowned for.

Prior to surgery, your surgeon will be able to show you what the chin implant will look like using a 3D reconstruction.

The surgery will be undertaking using a local anaesthetic with twilight anaesthesia, so you will feel no pain or discomfort throughout the procedure. A small incision will be made under the chin. This will be made in the natural crease, so any scarring will not be noticeable. The implant is then inserted, and the incision is stitched shut. The sutures will be removed after one week. You will also be given antibiotics to take for a week to ensure you do not get any infections.

During the recovery period for your chin implant surgery, you may feel some pain and discomfort for the first few days. You can ask your surgeon what pain management medications are appropriate to take during this time. You may experience some bruising and swelling, but this is a normal side effect. To reduce this, you can apply a cold compressor.

You will have to be on a soft diet for 10 days while the incision heals. You will have to avoid vigorous physical activity for four weeks.

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Am I an ideal candidate for chin implants?

Chin implants are ideal for both men and women who wish to achieve a defined appearance of the chin and the jawline. Most importantly you must have realistic expectations about the results.

How is a chin implant surgery performed?

  • A pocket is created by making a small incision either inside your mouth or under the chin
  • The chin implant is then placed inside the pocket, which is usually attached to the bone and tissues using sutures or screws
  • The incisions are then stitched back with sutures that will heal within the first few days

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure takes approximately an hour for completion.

What is the recovery period going to be like?

You may experience a little discomfort for a day or two following your surgery, but you will be able to return to your normal activities after that. We recommend you to apply a cold compressor to reduce bruising and swelling if need be. You should have a soft diet for up to ten days until the incisions heal completely, and vigorous physical activity can be resumed after 4 weeks.

What results can I achieve from chin implants?

The results of chin implants can be and most patients experience an improvement in their facial structure for the rest of their lives. However, in very few cases the implants will have to be removed if the incisions get infected.

Are there any risks associated with chin implants?

A few complications that are associated with the procedure are infection, implant shifting and temporary numbness, but these can be avoided with maximum safety optimisation.

Will I experience bruising and swelling?

You may experience swelling and bruising for the first few days following your surgery and cold compressor is recommended to reduce it.

Will I be left with scars after the surgery?

The incision is made under the chin so will be hardly visible and will heal over time.

How do I know if I should go for chin implants, necklift or facelift?

Chin implants focus more on helping people achieve a defined jawline structure, whereas, other procedures such as neck lift and facelift are for people who are looking for tighter skin on the neck area for a younger appearance.

If you are still unsure, you can discuss this during your consultation with the surgeon who can give you his advice to help you with your decision.

Can chin implants be performed with other procedures such as neck liposuction?

Yes, certain procedures like neck liposuction or facelift removes fat and tightens skin and chin implants can be done on top of that to give you an improved and defined appearance overall.

When can I go back to the gym?

You can go back to your normal routine after a few days following your surgery, however, extensive exercise should be avoided for at least 3 weeks to let your body heal completely.

For men, will shaving affect the results?

Men may shave their entire face including the chin area with a straight edge blade a few days after the surgery, but we recommend you to use an electric razor only after about 10 days.

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