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What is Dermaroller?

The Dermaroller uses very small needles to stimulate the skin. For many years Mesotherapy has been a very popular treatment on the Continent. This works by using very small needles to inject vitamins into the upper layers of the skin. Recently, there has been evidence that it may be the injections themselves producing the skin rejuvenation. This works because, when naturally stimulated by extremely fine needle-pricks, skin develops more collagen. Collagen is the basic building-block of skin and youthful skin is characterised by abundant collagen growth. Therefore, naturally stimulating collagen production using the Dermaroller results in a younger, fresher, healthier and more vibrant appearance. The Dermaroller contains microsurgical precision needles mounted around a rolling device. The tiny needles on the device rotate and penetrate the skin to a depth of approximately 1.5mm.

What it can treat
  • Aged and Damaged Skin
  • Acne Scars
  • Facial Lines
  • Lines in the Decolletage Area (the triangle region above the breasts)
  • Stretch marks
What does treatment involve?
  • Treatment courses normally comprise of 3 individual treatments. These are normally performed 6 weeks apart. In the procedure, your face will be numbed with a cream similar to that used on the back of children’s hands before they have operations. Your practitioner will then treat the area with a gentle Dermaroller. Most people find the treatment mildly uncomfortable, but not unbearable. At the end of the procedure, your skin will be slightly red and is likely to remain so for the rest of the day. It is important to avoid excess sun exposure during this period. By the next day, your skin should return to normal and you will be able to work and perform most social activities.
What happens after treatment?

The changes are not immediate because the increase of collagen happens gradually over 6 weeks following treatment. No visible signs of improvement will be immediately obvious. Over the following few months, there will be a gradual and lasting improvement in your skin quality. Most people opt for 3 treatments, but you can have further treatments as and when you choose to.

Possible side effects

Because the treatment is entirely natural, side-effects are extremely unusual. Immediately after treatment, you may experience facial redness (like mild sunburn) but this will normally settle by the next day.

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