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Dealing with aesthetic issues can be quite challenging, but when these problems affect other areas of your life, seeking a solution is only natural. One problem that a large number of men face is an unsatisfying penis size, which besides causing self confidence issues, can also affect one’s sex life. If you are in this situation yourself, a surgical option is available, known as a penile enlargement. This procedure has become increasingly popular during the last few years, due to the consistently good results achieved. The following information will tell you everything you need to know about this procedure, and help you conclude if this is the right answer for you.

What the benefits of this procedure?

The first thing any potential patient should know about penis enlargement is what it has to offer, in which way it can be beneficial.

  • Increased width or length of your penis
  • Self esteem boost – it is a known fact that penis size matters not only for a sex life improvement but for your self esteem as well. Having frustration regarding this area of your body can make you fell self conscious, affecting your relations with potential partners and even you state of happiness. One of the benefits of penis enlargement is that you will finally achieve the desired penis length or width and escape any frustration triggered by this problem.
  • Renewing sense of sexual potency and masculinity

Improved quality of life

The ideal candidate

Before booking a consultation or deciding to undergo his type of medical intervention, you will need to be certain that  you are a suitable candidate for this type of procedure. In order for you to be able to undergo this type of surgical intervention, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have reasonable expectations – before opting for penile enlargement, you need to understand what is medically achievable and what is not. If you expect for your penis to double in size, for example, the results of the surgery will most likely disappoint you. Researching the topic and having reasonable expectations from the procedure is the key to obtaining satisfying results.
  • Underlying motives of undergoing surgery – before the surgery, discussing with your doctor and expressing the reasons you want to opt for penis enlargement will be necessary. Although your reasons will not be categorised as wrong or right, you still need to express your reasoning and expectations.
  • Age considerations – although there is no upper age limit for this medical intervention, this surgery can be provided only to adults.

Anatomical and health considerations – your penile enlargement specialist should be the one to tell you if this procedure is possible, based on your state of health, so undergoing a few tests in advance might be necessary

What to expect during consultation

Just like any other cosmetic surgical intervention, penile enlargement involves an initial examination. During your first consultation with your surgeon, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the the proposed surgery, express your requirements and needs to the specialist and learn about the implications of the surgery. This is when you can acquire some deeper insight on the topic, so make sure you ask any questions that you might have.

Penile enlargement – standard procedure

The standard procedure involves certain medical techniques. The basis of a penile enlargement surgery is ligamentolysis , and what this surgical technique involves is the cutting of some of the penis ligaments. The results of this method is increasing the visible size of the phallus. The ligament will be cut through an incision above the base of the penis. Of course, for the results to be visible, besides the surgical procedure, the regular usage of a stretching device during an established post operative period of time.

Recovery facts

The recovery is probably the aspect the majority of patients worry about. This is the reason why it is extremely useful to learn the ins and outs of this period before actually undergoing the intervention, in order to know what you should expect. Your surgeon will prescribe you certain medications, which you will have to take as soon as the surgery is completed. After the surgical procedure, your penis will be wrapped in either coban or brown tape, and you will have to keep the tape on for 7 or 8 days. After that, you will need to continue rewrapping the penis every day for a one month period. You will receive a stretching device, which you will need to start using two weeks after the surgery. This step is extremely relevant in order for the postoperative results to be satisfactory. The recovery period does not involve a significant level of pain, but you should expect swelling and some bruising, which will gradually fade away. During or after erection, you might experience some discomfort for a few days. Your surgeon will schedule a few postoperative meetings, in which they will examine you to make sure your are recovering properly after the intervention.

Potential side effects of penile enlargement

Infection, pain, bleeding or no visible results are the potential risks of this operation, but the chances of dealing with these issues are rare and can treated effectively if they were to arise.


Will the results last long term?

As long as you follow all the instructions received from your surgeon, the chances are that the results will remain long term. Although there are no 100 percent guarantees, in the majority of cases, patients are satisfied, and in length enhancement situations, they might even notice an increase when following the necessary instructions.

Will losing weight affect the injected fat?

Your girth enhancement will not be affected by weight loss, only in the situations where you lose your entire body fat, which is less likely to happen.

Is general anaesthesia needed?

Although this surgery is minimally invasive, general anaesthesia will be needed fo this procedure. The period of time you will be under anaesthesia is somewhere around two hours.

How long does penile enlargement take?

Usually the operation lasts between one and two hours, and you will be required to stay in the hospital for 3 or 4 hours after the surgery.

How long after the procedure can I resume my sex life?

This is probably the number one question men have before undergoing penile enlargement. Although this aspect can vary, depending on individual,  you sex life can usually be resumed after 4-5 weeks of recovery.

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