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How could a Scrotal Uplift improve your life?

In time, scrotal skin, like any other section of delicate skin, may lose its elasticity and become saggy. This becomes a source of embarrassment and discomfort for many. For instance, many may experience increased levels of discomfort while exercising. However, experienced plastic surgeons understand the sensitivity of this matter, and many have a vast experience in treating and correcting lax scrotal skin. Experts in the field advise individuals facing this type of issue to choose a surgeon with a vast knowledge in performing Scrotal Uplifts. The following paragraphs will help you understand better the implications of a Scrotal Uplift Surgery.

The perfect candidate for Scrotal Uplift does not fit in a particular age range. The circumstances differ from candidate to candidate, but there are certain benefits that all former patients report:

  • The surgery will the excess skin in the scrotal area, which is oftentimes a source of discomfort and embarrassment, as many are perceiving it as a deformity;
  • The surgery will boost one’s confidence levels, as it s the source of shame;
  • The source of discomfort will disappear once the lax scrotum is disposed of by the surgeon; this will decrease the excessive sweating in the groin area, as well as the discomfort experienced by wearing clothing items or even exercising; it will reduce irritation;
  • Your confidence will be restored, and the natural comfort as well;
  • Improved sexual activities, as a result of raised confidence;
  • It has long-lasting results.
Who can be a perfect candidate for Scrotal Uplift?

As previously mentioned, there is no age coordinate to determine if a Scrotal Uplift is right for you. However, if you notice one of the following symptoms in yourself, you may want to make an appointment with a surgeon:

  • Low self-esteem due to lax scrotal skin;
  • Excessive sweating caused by excessive skin folds in the groin area;
  • Irritation in the groin area due to excessive sweating;
  • Defective intimate relationships because of low self-esteem;
  • Low sexual performances, caused by anxiety and low self-esteem;

This type of intervention gains more and more popularity yearly, as many begin noticing the amazing benefits for this type of intervention. Regardless of age, males across the world enjoy an improved sex life and confidence, thanks to Scrotal Uplift surgeries.

Surgeons have noticed some common causes for lax scrotums: scrotal tissue damaged by bicycle seats, excessive stretching of the scrotum and oftentimes a short spermatic cord; these all create extra folding in the scrotal skin and cause discomfort to some extents in the vast majority of patients.

What to expect from a Scrotal Uplift surgery?

Not all patients are the same, and the results may vary significantly from patient to patient. This is why it is necessary to discuss with your surgeon your expectations in terms of results. A surgeon at an experienced clinic, like a centre for surgery, will assess the level of laxity of the skin in the scrotal area, and will identify the cause and symptoms. This type of surgery is a simple, local anaesthetic, “walk-in, walk-out” type of surgery, and the results will be visible after a short recovery time. Moreover, the scars will be hidden in strategic areas, where they will be barely noticeable with the naked eye. There will be used absorbent sutures, so the entire process is a more comfortable one.

What should you know about the recovery period?
  • The procedure usually lasts an hour, depending on the laxity level of the scrotal skin;
  • The scars take approximately 10 to 14 days to heal;
  • Some patients may experiences discomfort to some degree for the first 3 to 5 days after the intervention;
  • Usually, patients are able to return to their daily routine, including returning to work, after about a week from the surgery;
  • The intervention’s results are very natural;
  • The results will be visible soon after the surgery, but the appearance of the new groin area will improve gradually until the end of the sixth week.
  • The patient will notice less discomfort when engaging in daily activities shortly after the surgery.
Possible side effects of the Scrotal Uplift surgery

As any other type of surgery, Scrotal Uplifts may have side-effects to some extent. However, all patients only noticed a slight inflammation of the area, as the tissue was damaged during the procedure. Generally, this type of surgery is a safe one, as only the skin membrane will be affected during the procedure. People generally notice after a surgery of this kind that previous irritations and rashes disappeared, an improved sex-life, a better self-perception and generally, a better-looking groin area.

Frequently asked questions

What is scrotoplasty?

This procedure is a cosmetic intervention usually performed to reduce excess skin in the scrotal area, and it is chosen by men of all ages to correct something that they perceive as a deformity. This procedure improves their self-esteem, sexual performance, as a result and it can be the perfect solution for testicular cancer survivors.

Do I have to undergo hospitalisation or general anaesthesia?

This procedure is usually performed under local anaesthetic, and experts see it as a one-day case or even a walk-in, walk-out type of surgery. However, some patients do prefer the one-day hospitalisation option, as well as a general anaesthetic.

How long the procedure will take?

Scrotal Uplift surgeries usually take somewhere between 1 – 1 ½ hours, depending on the severity of the existing conditions in the patient. However, it shouldn’t last longer than 1 ½ hours.

Will I experience scarring after Scrotal Uplift surgery?

The incisions are strategically placed naturally in the areas of the scrotal halves, they will heal completely within 10 – 14 days, and they will be barely noticeable, since there will be used an absorbent suture.

Will I need any type of special garment after the surgery?

Generally, some type of underwear will be necessary after completing the surgery. It will offer increased levels of support in the sensitive and now slightly swollen area. This garment should be worn day and night for approximately two weeks after the surgery.

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