Our experienced team of consultant plastic surgeons offer a wide range of skin surgery procedures from centres in Central London and Hertfordshire.

Whether you are looking for surgical removal of cysts or lipomas, revision of unsightly scars or surgical removal of unwanted tattoos, our surgeons are here to help.

Skin lesion removal

Moles, lesions and cysts, while usually completely harmless, can bother some people if they are in a prominent position. Our skilled surgeons are able to remove all types of blemish using the latest techniques to minimise scarring.

Blemish removal is a simple procedure carried out under local anaesthetic, and usually only takes a few minutes. It may be carried out using cryotherapy, curettage and cautery or surgical excision – your surgeon will decide on the best method for you after examining the area carefully.

While the treatment does leave a small scar, this fades with time to become much more discreet than the original blemish.

Surgical Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is quite a common procedure and is increasing in popularity. However, sometimes treatments such as laser aren’t suitable to remove the tattoo. Surgical tattoo removal sometimes means the tattoo can be removed in one sitting, and patients get to avoid the painful laser treatments. In other cases, patients may require serial excision of tattoos over 2-3 stages.

Scar revision

People will have scars for numerous different reasons, whether that be post-traumatic, burns, hypertrophic, keloid or atrophic. Scar revision treatment can help both aesthetically and functionally.

C-Section scar revision

Having a C-Section can often mean you are left with a scar that is unsightly and aesthetically unpleasing. Unlike other scars, a C-Section scar can get worse over time. To remedy this, you can undergo C-Section scar revision. The surgery involves cutting out the scar and may use liposuction to remove any fat around the scar. You will then be left with a new scar that will not be as prominent as the previous C-Section scar.

Lipoma removal

A lipoma appears as a small lump beneath the skin. Unlike a forehead osteoma, lipomas will feel soft to touch and may move beneath the skin. While the lipoma causes no damage and are not harmful, they can be aesthetically unpleasing, and you may want them to be removed.

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