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We provide the full range of dental treatments at prices you will love. Our dental team provides truly integrated dental care alongside our surgical and skincare teams giving you access to the complete range of aesthetic treatments – both surgical and non-surgical.


From check ups and teeth whitening to dental implants, all your dental needs are well taken care of at Centre for Surgery. Promoting optimum dental health means a brilliant smile for you.

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We provide all types of consultation: a new patient check-up, follow-up appointments and emergency assessments. Your first consultation will always involve a full and thorough examination, followed by a comprehensive discussion of all the possible treatment options.


For optimum dental health and to prevent potentially more serious and costly dental treatment in the future, we would recommend a regular scale and polish at 6 monthly intervals. The benefits can be enormous, helping you to maintain that great smile!


A sure sign of a youthful appearance is having whiter teeth. There two options for teeth whitening – In-practice whitening and At-home whitening. We employ the Enlighten teeth whitening system – the best product currently available today for outstanding teeth whitening results.


When tooth decay erodes the enamel leading to a cavity, the best treatment would be a filling. We use modern white-filling techniques to replace the older silver amalgam filling techniques with results that will enhance your confidence immeasurably.


Dental crowns are normally implanted to repair broken teeth or improve the appearance of decayed teeth. Teeth that have very large fillings may also benefit from dental crown implantation. Dental crowns are much stronger and more than dental fillings.


Tooth discolouration or chipped teeth are a common problem. An expertly placed veneer can improve both the colour and shape of teeth. Small gaps between teeth can also be treated by veneers instead of more extensive and potentially unnecessary orthodontic treatment.


Root canal therapy (endodontics) may be required when the nerve or blood supply becomes infected through injury or decay. Highly specialised endodontic treatment will be used to treat the infection and save the tooth, thus helping to prevent the need for a tooth removal procedure.


Tooth decay, overcrowding, gum disease and broken teeth are all reasons to consider tooth extraction. We perform tooth extraction using the latest anesthetic techniques for your maximum comfort. We also offer the full range of dental options to fill the gap after tooth extraction including dental implants, bridges or dentures.


Gaps left by missing teeth can lead to strain on adjacent teeth and also affect your ‘bite’, increasing the risk of tooth decay. Tooth gaps can addressed by either bridges or partial dentures. Your dentist will advise the most appropriate options for you after a full assessment.


Dentures are the traditional treatment option for missing or lost teeth. They can be either full or partial. There now many other options for missing or lost teeth. The best way to determine the most appropriate treatment option for you is to schedule a consultation with one of our expert dental surgeons.


Dental implants are rapidly increasing in popularity as a treatment option for missing or lost teeth. Dental implant surgery is highly specialist in nature and the best way to determine your suitability is to schedule a consultation with one of our specialist dental implant surgeons.


We offer the latest teeth straightening techniques using the Invisalign system for outstanding outcomes. We perform both short-term and long-term adult orthodontics as well as childrens orthodontics. Our orthodontic specialists are highly trained and will guide you through the treatment options for the best long-term outcomes.


The importance of children’s oral health cannot be underestimated. We emphasise the importance of adopting good habits for good long-term dental health for all children. Our dental treatments are tailored to your child’s age and level of dental health. Good dental education underpins good dental care for children.


Many contact sports such as cricket, rugby, hockey, boxing and football can result in harm to your teeth. We would always recommend custom made mouthguards to be worn to protect your teeth and gums. Properly fitted sports mouthguards can even help to prevent injury to the jaws, neck and brain.

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