Spider Veins Treatment

Spider Veins are small blood vessels that appear twisted and are visible through the skin, they are red, purple, or blue in colour usually. The spider veins can be discovered on the face or the legs and are named spider veins because of their resemblance in shape which looks similar to a spiderweb pattern.


What causes Spider Veins?

The healthy veins supply blood to the heart through one-way valves. The valves ensure blood flows in the correct direction between the superficial veins to deeper veins and then to the heart. Muscles which surround the vessels contract allowing blood to be pumped to the heart. The veins usually have a one-way valve which can help to prevent backflow. Sometimes there can be problems with the valves, muscles and blood can be allowed to pool inside the vein. When this occurs a build up of pressure weakens the vessel wall which results in the vein to become bigger and also twist. Whether or not a spider vein or varicose vein occurs is dependant on the size of the blood vessel and the swelling. Anyone can gain spider veins or varicose veins however women are nearly twice as likely to have these compared to men. Those that have careers which require to be on your feet for long periods of time are more vulnerable to receiving spider veins for example doctors and teachers. There can be other causes which can contribute to the forming of spider veins such as; ageing, obesity, pregnancy, previous leg surgery.


Solutions to Spider Veins

There are many different spider veins treatments that can be put into place when dealing with spider veins. Compression stockings are often used in relation to spider veins because it improves circulation and even helps reduce discomfort in the legs and can help to get rid of the spider veins. Regular exercise to lose weight helps aid the symptoms of spider veins as weight loss can improve circulation in the body. Sclerotherapy which is a medical procedure that can be used to rid of spider veins is performed by the doctor injecting a solution into the required vein making the blood vessel be destroyed by reacting to the solution, after this treatment, it takes from 3-6 weeks for the spider veins to disappear. Laser light therapy has also been used as a medical procedure to get rid of spider veins as it destroys these veins by the use of heat, it works by the heat causing scar tissue to form and then closes off the vein. However, there can be side effects such as minor discomfort, skin discolouration and possible forming of blisters this procedure is not as popular because it takes more than one session to gain results and may take up to a year for the veins to disappear. There are many options of spider veins treatment to consider, it is important to research and decide with a surgeon which would be ideal for you.

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