Success Stories: Dee

Centre for Surgery is interviewing past patients to find out about the procedure they undertook, what made the patient want the procedure and how they found the recovery period. 

Dee Catton, 63, came into Centre for Surgery for a breast implant removal and replacement, as well as a breast uplift.

Dee had capsular contracture around one of her implants. But what exactly is capsular contracture?

When a foreign object – such as a breast implant – is inserted into the body, scar tissue may then form around the object. This is a frequent occurrence for women who have breast implants. In most cases, it is not harmful, you cannot feel anything, and women will generally be unaware they even have it. In some instances, it can cause issues. The scar tissue will shrink, which can result in pressure on the implant. This can cause the breasts to be painful, feel hard, and make the implants look misshapen. When this occurs, it is known as capsular contracture. There are two ways to treat capsular contracture. These are known as a capsulectomy – where the pocket of scar tissue and the implants are removed – or a capsulotomy, where more space is made and the implants are removed.

In Dee’s case, she opted for a capsulectomy, and the scar tissue was completely removed, along with the implants. New implants were then inserted, and an uplift was performed.


Mr Omar Tillo performing Dee’s surgery



This was Dee’s fourth breast augmentation procedure.

“I was only a double AA cup, but now I’ve gone back to a D cup, which is what I had when I had my first implants in, so I’ve come full circle.”

Dee’s procedure had an “amazing” impact on her life, boosting her self-esteem and confidence.

“Before, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror. Because I’d had so much pain with the capsular contracture. I damaged them when I fell, and I knew I’d damaged them nearly three years ago, and I broke my back in two places, so I knew they were damaged but the pain got worse and worse and it got to a point where I was doubled up in pain and I knew I had to have them done.”

Often the thought of the recovery period can make people apprehensive about undergoing any procedure. So how did Dee find the recovery period?

“Amazing, no pain. It’s not affecting me at all, probably because I’m used to having it done I know how to be with it, no bending, no stretching and everything.”

Is there any advice Dee can give to people who are considering getting breast augmentation or a breast uplift?

“If they’ve thought it through I think they should have it done because people say oh you’re fine the way you are but if they want it they should have it done because it will make a big difference in their life.”



Are you interested in a breast implant removal, replacement or breast uplift? Centre for Surgery currently offers all of these procedures. Contact us today to find out more information or to book a free consultation. 

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