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What an amazing experience I’ve had with Centre for Surgery! I recieved the highest level of professionalism and care from the whole team. I felt that I was in good hands from the get go! I went for consultations with a few different companies but after meeting Dr.Sinha I knew these were the people who would provide me with the best service. The surgery went better than I could have imagined. I am now in week 8 after my surgery and the results are everything I’ve ever wanted and more. I can’t thank you enough! Manish, Natalie and Gregory you have changed my life I am so grateful.

Hayley Anglim

From day one my experience with Centre for Surgery and all the staff has been fantastic, I literally could not fault them. On the day of surgery I was very nervous but there was a lovely lady their who was looking after me (Kat) anaesthetist was friendly and very quick, my partner was able to stay with me until I got taken in for surgery, although I don’t remember him being their, was sedated but talking, no memory of this at all, felt as though I went to sleep and woke up after it was all over. The surgeon who done my surgery done an amazing job, so so happy. Michelle made all my appointments, was always available when I had questions to ask and overall a lovely lady. Everyone made me feel comfortable, would highly recommend.

Zahra Alvani

From my first phone call enquiry to Gregory to having my breast augmentation done, everything has been brilliant. Gregory was very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable, as well as organised in the first call. My consultation at the Watford branch with Mr Tillo was great, very approachable, and he took the time to listen to what I wanted. On the procedure day I went in at 8.30am and was home by midday. Even the anaesthetist was kind, jolly and put me at ease. Nearly six weeks on and everything looks great – as I wanted and I have had no pain at all. Would highly recommend.

Jenni Smith

‘I was so impressed with Dr Manish Sinha. He explained everything so well. Without doubt the most gifted man I have had the good fortune to meet. For a man who has such great skill and talent. Yet he was so humble and unassuming. When I proceed with the treatment, It will be on the fact of his skill, talent and I believe he wants to deliver the best achievable results.’  – Bill


” I’m satisfied with the treatment received from them as well as the aftercare treatment. I feel was worth the value charged. Overall, everything was fine and it went well.

I first found out about the Centre for Surgery online as it came up as a recommendation. It is a fine place to be or else I would not have gone ahead with my treatment. Also, thank you Professor Alberto!” – Donna


” I went into the clinic because I wanted breast implants. I am extremely happy and pleased with the treatment and am totally satisfied. So much so that I have even recommended the clinic to some close friends and neighbours. Nikesh and Dr Omar are very good at what they do. They are impressive. I am really genuinely happy.

I found out about the Centre for Surgery after I had been let down by another clinic. I went online and after searching the web, the Centre for Surgery was recommended to me. I chose it because of it’s location and the doctors listed at the clinic. The consultants also got back to me within 5 minutes after I had logged an enquiry on whatclinic.com and I was also able to get a booking within that very same week.

I was a little apprehensive on my initial visit to the clinic due to it’s location. It seemed industrialised. However, when you go into the clinic, you completely forget where it is located. It’s like every clinic should look. Looks very normal. ” – Frieda


At first, I was very worried about going ahead with my surgery as any surgery has its risks and I had never gone outside of the NHS. However, after receiving a phone call from them I was instantly at ease as the gentleman I spoke with had previously undergone the same surgery. I wasn’t very open to talking about it as I found it very embarrassing so to hear that someone was once in my shoes gave me something that I could relate to. Dr Luciano Perrone and I went over all of the details of my operation several times and I was very happy that they knew exactly what they were doing. I am extremely happy with the result of my Gynaecomastia treatment and so far have minimal scarring. I’d like to praise the team for their aftercare as I have had communication from their team every other day to ensure that my recovery was as smooth as possible and that I had everything I needed. Overall, a very professional and supportive team with expert surgeons. Highly recommend. – Matt, 19.


‘I was very happy with the level of service throughout. The surgeon explained the procedure in detail and was available if I was concerned about anything, which I appreciated’ – Sarah


‘The experience I had with your staff was excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending your surgery to friends and family. I found the surgeons make me feel so welcome and relax. All through the procedure. Very happy with the outcome.

Thank you once again.’ – Bentley


‘The surgeon was wonderful he explained everything very well and also showed me pictures of how the procedure is done etc. I would recommend Mr Sinha’ – Samiah


‘From day one my experience with Centre for Surgery and all the staff has been fantastic, I literally could not fault them. On the day of surgery I was very nervous but there was a lovely lady there who was looking after me (Kat) anaesthetist was friendly and very quick, my partner was able to stay with me until I got taken in for surgery, although I don’t remember him being there, was sedated but talking, no memory of this at all, felt as though I went to sleep and woke up after it was all over. Professor Alberto who done my surgery done an amazing job, so so happy. Michelle made all my appointments, was always available when I had questions to ask and overall a lovely lady. Everyone made me feel comfortable, would highly recommend.’ – Zahra


Since I was 16 I’ve felt that my chest was not manly I had male breasts or ” Gynaecomastia ” as I would later find out. I wore sweaters even when it was hot outside and never took my shirt off at pools or locker rooms. 18 years later I found a solution I googled Gynaecomastia and found the Centre for Surgery I emailed them and received a call from a very friendly man named Gregory who put me at ease assuring me that it’s a common condition that many men complain about and an experienced doctor named Omar Tillo could solve the issue with minor liposuction in a few hours. I was quite wary about how easy it sounded but true to his word I had my surgery in the early afternoon 2 months ago and left the same day with nothing to complain about. When I saw myself yesterday while getting into the shower I thought “that’s how a man should look like” I have a new confidence that I never knew before. – Abbas Chinko

Abbas Chinko

My prominent male breasts were giving me quite a lot of embarrassment at home and work. I decided to get something done about it by seeing a proper plastic surgeon. In the end, I had both liposuction and excision of the gland as day case with local anaesthesia. It all went without problem and I have now got back my confidence thanks to the team at Centre for Surgery. – Sunny


The doctors at Centre for Surgery are so caring, friendly and welcoming. They handled my case with a lot of patience as I was very scared of surgeries especially when it comes to my face. They explained my facelift procedure in detail and now my face looks great and attractive. Thank you all. – Nancy


Had liposuction surgery last month. Very satisfied with the service given on the day of surgery. Surprised by how little pain there was afterwards. Results have exceeded expectations so far. – Edward


Liposuction is something I was thinking of for some time to get rid of excess fat around my tummy and hips. I am very impressed with the results – the doctors were extremely skilled. The before and after photos look great and I would highly recommend this place for liposuction.
Also a big thank you to the whole team, their before and aftercare was exceptional.
Thank You all very much. – Arfran


I am so happy with Centre of Surgery. They have really good staff, they make you feel comfortable and they are always there for your needs. Post surgery they called me every few hours to make sure everything was going well. I defiantly recommend Centre for Surgery to anyone considering surgery.
A huge thanks to, Omar, Shahaab, Nikesh and Natalie. – Maryam


 So happy I decided to go with Centre for Surgery! I felt so assured and calm with the surgeon and staff involved. Would definitely recommend Centre for Surgery to friends thinking of having a similar procedure to mine. Thanks! – Sophie


“I had surgical scar revision for burn scars on my cheek. I went to other clinics who were unable to help until I came to see Dr Omar Tillo at the Centre for Surgery 

My consultation with Dr Omar Tillo was absolutely amazing. He made me feel very comfortable and explained in details to my understanding the process for improving the scars. On the day of the surgery, he went over it again with me making sure I knew what was to be done and that I was happy with it. It’s been a month after surgery and the scars are looking excellent.” – Whitney


“I was thoroughly satisfied with my treatment outcome following complex revision surgery. The surgeon took time to explain the procedure in detail and was highly professional as were the rest of his team. The postoperative follow up care was top notch in every aspect. I can wholeheartedly recommend Centre for Surgery if you are looking for a centre of excellence in plastic surgery in London.” – Attika


“I had a wonderful experience at the Centre for Surgery. From the initial phone call right through to my consultation they were very understanding and made me feel at ease. Thy did all they could to make me feel comfortable and ensure there was nothing I was worried about. 

All the staff were really lovely, the doctor was fabulous and extremely knowledgeable. He guided me through the entire procedure. Hearing him speak filled me with confidence that this was the right clinic for me.

The clinic itself was clean and very hygienic, without having that horrible hospital smell. They supplied me with prompt quotes and ensured any special requests I had were met.

Overall a wonderful experience” – Georgette


“I initially chose this clinic as I was unsure of what I wanted to have done and they offered a free consultation, so there was no risk in coming here any getting some information. 

The clinic and their staff made a good first impression on me and there was a relaxed atmosphere.

The free consultation went very well and I gained all the information I needed. Dr. Di Giuseppe was very good. I received a quote for the follow up procedure straight away and it was clear to understand all the charges. They are efficient in this process. There was a booking fee for the consultation, but I received this back into my account the next day without having to ask. A very good experience” – Fauziah


“I wanted surgery to correct bilateral gynaecomastia; the presence of small glands / breast tissue in men. Swollen tissue around your nipples can also be caused by fat but this wasn’t the case for me as I’m relatively toned and could feel lumps directly under my nipples.

Professional, clean and comforting.

Dr Tillo and his team made me feel informed, comfortable and safe throughout the entire process from the initial consultation to playing my favourite tunes whilst on the operating table, sending me helpful SMS and email reminders for appointments and being seen by the doctor himself at any follow up appointments.

In terms of costs, it is very competitive. I would definitely recommend you at least set up a consultation appointment to get a quote. This surgery provides a bespoke quote as opposed to some which charge a general fee; I saved up to £995 in comparison to other quotes. You will be charged £100 for the consultation but this is returned to you the next day so don’t be put off.

Personal Experience:
I went for Local Anaesthetic (LA) and Intravenous Sedation (IS) as opposed to General Anaesthetic. Enough LA was administered to ensure that I was totally numb to any pain and the IS sedated me, which meant that I was conscious and able to respond but I was extremely relaxed and in a state of “twilight”; so there’s no need for General Anaesthetic when undergoing procedures which aren’t that complicated. Opting for this will also help keep costs down for you.

Dr Tillo will prescribe medication (included in the price) that will help you manage pain and defend against infection. After about 2.5 days I stopped taking the pain killers as I didn’t experience much though this will be dependent on how complicated your op is. It’s important to keep taking the antibiotics.

You’re also provided with a compression garment to wear for 1.5 months to help reduce swelling and improve body contouring (minimising sagging). It’s best to buy a second one as it needs to be worn 24/7 (taken off only for showering). It’s honestly not a big deal; fits snugly under clothes, I haven’t experienced any discomfort and it’s keeping me warm this winter.

As for results, it’s only been 12 days but I can see an improvement to my chest shape. Of course results will differ person to person (the size of the gland excised, the amount of fat that needs to be sucked out). For immediate results post gynaecomastia surgery, I would recommend working out and toning your chest to minimise the amount of fat surrounding the gland and thereby reducing the surface area of skin on your chest BEFORE surgery. That way you won’t be left with excessive saggy skin when the gland is removed. This will also keep costs down as it means liposuction (removal of fat) will be kept to a minimum.

All in all, I’ve had a very positive experience. I made the right choice in picking Centre for Surgery for the correction of my gynaecomastia. I would like to thank Doctor Tillo, Gregory, Nikesh and the rest of the team for the support they provided during the process and ultimately helping me feel better about myself.” – Indy


I did a lot of research before choosing a plastic surgeon to perform my breast augmentation. Dr Tillo was also recommended by a work colleague. I felt safe in Dr Tillo’s hands given his excellent record of producing natural results for all his patients. 10 out of 10 for a great job!

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