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International centre of excellence

Centre for Surgery are leaders in individualised instruction by experienced surgeons in the art and craft of aesthetic plastic surgery. Surgeons come to learn about aesthetic procedures with our highly experienced surgical faculty. Centre for Surgery offers preceptorships across the full range of aesthetic plastic surgery.

We offer separate training for anaesthesiologists in our innovative anaesthetic technique – ClearSleep.

You will learn alongside our surgeons at the operating table about the intricacies of surgical technique, pitfalls to avoid and how to achieve consistently good outcomes.

Specialist preceptorships available, including by Mr Omar Tillo, training lead.

Aesthetic breast surgery preceptorship

You will learn about inframammary dual plane breast augmentation using the Keller funnel.

  • Mastopexy
  • Reduction mammoplasty

Mastopexy and reduction techniques will focus on the inferior pedicle and inverted-T pattern of skin resection.

Body contouring surgery preceptorship

Level 1

Liposuction using the ClearLipo technique

Level 2


Arm lift / Thigh lift

Level 3

Body contouring fat transfer (sponsored by Sebbin)

Level 4

Body contouring Implants

Aesthetic gynecology preceptorship

Rhinoplasty preceptorship

Facial rejuvenation surgery preceptorship

Training for anaesthesiologists

  • The ClearSleep technique
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