Ways to make cosmetic surgery last longer

No matter what procedure you are undertaking, you’ll want to ensure the results are long-lasting. However, this can be difficult to guarantee, particularly with non-surgical procedures. Fortunately, there are things you can do to extend the longevity of your results.


Non-Surgical cosmetic procedures


Non-surgical cosmetic surgery has many advantages. It is less expensive, the procedures are quicker, and there is little to no downtime. However, the results are not as long lasting as surgical procedures. Despite this, there are numerous things you can do to ensure you get the most out of your non-surgical procedure.

A recommended action is to avoid sun damage as it can accelerate the ageing process. It is important to yourself to sun exposure in your day to day life as it can affect the length of your results. The Chemical peel, for example, is sensitive to the UV rays which are emitted by the sun, after a non-surgical procedure it is very important to limit the sun exposure to your skin. Taking care of your skin by using various moisturizers creams and skin care products which include Vitamin C will help you prevent wrinkles and spots, as for recommendations from your surgeon on what to use to make the procedure last longer. Sometimes there can be longer lasting treatments than others, dermal fillers must be particularly looked at before as the thinner the filler the less time it lasts. For example, Juvederm lasts considerably shorter than Juvederm Voluma as the volume is a thicker filler. Also, it can be useful to repeat the non-surgical procedures because if they are repeated as they are wearing off or before they wear off it means the results will last longer and potentially the facial areas will become used to not making the movements that create the wrinkles, therefore, preventing the long term.


Tips for maintaining results


To maintain the results of surgical cosmetic surgery procedures is firstly to live a healthy lifestyle. In particular for liposuction being physically active and having a healthy diet, with making sure a reduction of fats and calories consumed will help prolong results of liposuction. It is also important to at least have 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week which will result in keeping the body healthy and toning the muscles to optimise the results of liposuction. Another surgical procedure which can be prolonged is breast augmentation, with ensuring to listen to the surgeon’s instructions and giving the breasts sufficient time to heal after the procedure will ensure fantastic results. It is important to avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting until the breasts have healed, when you can start to exercise which is usually a month after the surgery it is important to simply ease back into your routine but gaining advice from the surgeon on exercise is useful to post operation is useful. The use of support for your breasts is hugely vital to prevent sagging and to maintain shape, choosing the correct bra with the correct support as it prevents excessive movement of the breasts which can affect the shape. Avoiding drastic weight changes is something to consider as this can cause the breasts to sag, by maintaining weight by use of a healthy diet and exercise this will help prevent this. These tips will help make the cosmetic surgery last longer.

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