Weight loss surgery – The 3 promising procedures

In the UK, Brits are increasingly getting concerned about their health and appearance and so there has been a drastic change in people’s lifestyle. This rise in improving self-image is making people turn to weight-loss surgeries, particularly by those who need that extra push to jumpstart their healthy choices.

Weight-loss surgery is a type of support system that involves non-surgical methods that can aid in achieving dramatic weight-loss results within a short period of time. The procedures are simple to perform, quick and extremely effective because of which the demand among Londoners has been rapidly rising.

There are many weight-loss surgery procedures that have already been introduced in various clinics in London, but we focus on the three most promising procedures of weight-loss surgery available.


Pose procedure


Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal is one of the weight-loss surgery procedures available in London. The procedure involves reducing the size of the stomach using a ‘stapling technique’ to make the individual feel fuller quicker than normal. The individual will experience fewer food cravings resulting in reduced food intake which then triggers weight-loss.

The procedure is performed using a long tool that is inserted into the mouth and into the stomach. The instrument is then used to create folds in the stomach walls to reduce its size.


Result: The weight-loss procedure has shown promising results with a 45% reduction of excess weight with no serious short or long-term complications.


Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty


A procedure similar to the pose procedure, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is another weight-loss surgery that is equally promising. It also involves creating folds in the stomach walls to reduce its size and it can be readjusted if necessary.

However, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty is specifically ideal for people who may not be suitable for other non-surgical weight-loss surgeries. To those who have been left with disappointment, there’s finally some hope.

An ideal candidate for the procedure would be:

  • BMI of under 40 and without comorbidities
  • BMI of 30-35 with sleep apnea or Type 2 diabetes
  • Have abdominal scarring from previous surgeries or injuries


Result: It has been found that people lose 30%-60% of their excess weight within 6 months of this procedure. And not only that, people have seen an improvement in their conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and other diseases associated with obesity.


Gastric balloon


Gastric balloon is a simple and effective procedure and takes only about half an hour for completion. The gastric balloons are used to trigger weight-loss temporarily and therefore has to be removed within a period of 6 months to a year.
The procedure involves inserting deflated balloons using an endoscope with a camera that goes into the mouth and down into the stomach. The camera is used to help the surgeon guide the placement of the gastric balloons. Once in the stomach, the surgeon inflates the balloons by filling them with a sterile saline solution and then releases them.

Result: It has been found that by the end of 6 months when the balloon is removed, people on average have lost almost 6.8% of their excess body weight.


Weight-loss surgery at Centre for Surgery


If you are considering a weight-loss surgery we are now offering all 3 of the procedures. Get in touch with us to discuss the services and prices we are offering for these procedures and you can also talk directly to our surgeons to ask any questions you may have in mind.

Note: Centre for Surgery does not currently offer these procedures.

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