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Message from our clinical director - Dr.Emil Gadimaliyev

Dr Emil Gadimaliyev

“Dear prospective patient,

Centre for Surgery is a leading partnership of internationally renowned surgeons specialising in the practice of cosmetic surgery. We select only the finest surgeons with a distinguished academic and clinical track record. The Centre is recognised by the medical profession as a centre of excellence and point of reference and continues its pioneering work into optimising cosmetic surgical outcomes.

Our mission is to transform health outcomes for patients. With surgeons who are well known thought leaders in the field of cosmetic surgery, you are in excellent hands. Our surgical team are continually striving to perfect the latest surgical techniques for the sole benefit of you.

Please feel free to contact a member of our team for further information or to book a consultation.


Thank you

Yours faithfully,

Dr Emil Gadimaliyev MBBS MRCS MBA FRSA

Director, Centre for Surgery


We treat patients from across the UK and from overseas. We have treated patients spanning all major continents of the world. Our former patients include foreign dignitaries, surgeons, doctors and other health professionals and their relatives. Many patients with complex and difficult problems are referred to us for further care.

All this and more, available right on your doorstep!


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