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Centre for Surgery - a boutique London clinic specialising in premium plastic & cosmetic surgery.

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All surgical procedures are carried out by our specialist surgeons in London. We focus on providing world-class care to transform patients' lives with meticulously performed plastic & cosmetic surgery.

All aspects of your care are delivered by highly qualified and experienced NHS trained consultant surgeons, utilising the latest medical technology to deliver outstanding results. Patient safety lies at the heart of our medical treatment philosophy. Your peace of mind is ensured with a comprehensive programme of after surgery care.

Our main centre for cosmetic & plastic surgery consultations is based in Marylebone, in the world-famous medical district in central London.

In February we will be opening a brand new bespoke clinic on Crawford Street in Marleybone, Central London, just a short walk from Harley Street, where you can attend consultations and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments.

Our specialist day surgery unit is based in Hertfordshire. Free surgeon consultations are available at our Hertfordshire location.

From April we will be doing all surgeries from the Crawford Street/London address.

a personal,

expert service

Centre for Surgery differ from the larger commercial chains in that consultations will always be with your surgeon. We will always find the right surgeon for you with the most convenient scheduling options to suit your needs and preferences. Our surgeons have special expertise in liposuction, tummy tucks, and aesthetic breast augmentation. We offer the most comprehensive warranty programme for breast implants in the UK.

Call our friendly and knowledgeable support team today on 020 7993 4849 to book a personalised consultation with one of our experienced cosmetic & plastic surgeons.

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Why choose us?

In-depth unhurried consultations directly with a consultant surgeon

Prestigious locations right in the heart of London's medical district in Marylebone at 10 Harley Street and 106 Crawford Street

Surgeon-led and managed care post-surgery

Comprehensive aftercare programme

Pioneers of day surgery – walk in and walk out the same day