About Us

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Centre for Surgery was founded in 2015 by a team of plastic surgeons who were committed to achieving natural looking results using innovative technologies in a safe medical environment. We are passionate about helping patients achieve their desired results and we do this by listening to patient concerns, offering honest advice and identifying the most appropriate and effective treatment available.
Our newly opened flagship clinic is based at 106 Crawford Street in the luxury surroundings of Marylebone London. Here we carry out consultations and all procedures and sell luxury skincare products, SkinCeuticals, Obagi Medical and Skinade.

We also have a second clinic discreetly tucked away in Watford, Hertfordshire where we also carry out consultations and procedures.
Mission and Values
Our vision at Centre for Surgery is to create a multi-disciplinary clinic offering both cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatment options all under one roof.

We are first and foremost a medical practice and all procedures will always be carried out by registered medical practitioners. Patient safety is at the heart of everything we do.
  • Deliver an outstanding patient experience
  • Our treatments are elective. Patients come to us because they trust that we will take care of their needs. It is our duty to ensure that they receive our best care and attention throughout their patient journey.

  • Offer unparalleled medical care and treatments
  • We are committed to innovation. We focus on continual research, development and training so that we can offer patients the finest and most cutting edge treatments available.

  • Responsibility comes first
  • While we are a business, we are a medical clinic first. Our duty to safeguard patients surpasses all other objectives. We promote a conservative approach to recommending treatment. Sometimes the best option is to do nothing!

  • Transparency
  • Centre for Surgery is a family run business and we seek to promote a similar culture throughout the business. We are open about who we are, what we do and what we value. We believe in establishing long term relationships.

  • Individuality
  • Everyone is valued and respected for their individuality at Centre for Surgery. No one size fits all. We offer patients individualised bespoke treatment plans designed to specifically meet their needs.

  • Passion
  • We love what we do and we give it our 100% and more.

Your Patient Journey

Find the right time

Our friendly and knowledgeable patient coordinators will speak with you to learn about your requirements, it’s all confidential and your information will be used to assess whether your proposed treatment is right for you. We’ll organise a convenient date and time for you to come and visit a plastic surgeon or practitioner of your choice at the most convenient location for you.

Booking confirmation

You’ll receive an invitation and appointment confirmation by email and via SMS. The booking confirmation will contain directions of how to find us and who you will be having the consultation with.

Personalised quote

At the consultation, you will meet directly with the plastic surgeon. The surgeon will thoroughly assess you to determine your suitability and advise of the best options for you. Your surgeon will then explain how the procedure will work including the technique. You will receive your personalised quote the next working day.

Before your procedure

Once your procedure is booked, you will be contacted by our nursing team who will conduct a health assessment and run through everything you need to know for the procedure itself. Your patient coordinator will also be on hand in case you need anything.

On the day of your procedure

Your procedure will take place either at our clinic in Central London or Hertfordshire. On the day itself, you will meet with the surgeon and anaesthetist (if your procedure involves sedation) who will talk you through the treatment and answer any questions you have. You will then be taken through to theatre for your procedure. Following the procedure – you will be taken through to the recovery room, where you will be continually monitored by the nursing team. You will be discharged once the doctor deems that you are sufficiently recovered to go home.


Our nursing team will call you every day for 7-14 days to check that you are okay and address any concerns. You will also have follow ups with the nursing team and a follow up with the surgeon at 6 weeks. You will continue to have complimentary follow ups up to a year or until the doctor feels happy to discharge you.

ClearSleep™ anaesthesia
We are renowned for our innovative anaesthetic technique known as ClearSleep™ anaesthesia. Using this form of anaesthesia means you can have your surgery as a day case. Centre for Surgery is one of the few providers in the UK to offer all procedures as a day case using ClearSleep™ anaesthesia.

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  • Safer than general anaesthesia
  • Precise delivery of medication using sophisticated computer-controlled pumps

  • A much improved side effect profile
  • Minimal dizziness and drowsiness after surgery.

  • Significantly reduced pain and discomfort
  • Significantly reduced pain and discomfort after surgery compared with traditional general anaesthesia.

  • Rapid recovery
  • Rapid recovery leading to a quicker return to your normal activities of daily living

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