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What Are Anti Wrinkle Injections?

The use of anti wrinkle injections to treat facial wrinkles has revolutionised the facial rejuvenation field and now complements the full range of facial surgical procedures. 

Treating facial wrinkles with botulinum toxin is the most common application. Botulinum toxin is a muscle relaxant which helps to remove wrinkles Patients with sad or tired eyes and angry facial expressions can now be treated which creates a more youthful and revitalised look. It is a neuromodulator, which works by blocking the normal flow of nerve impulses to muscles. This prevents the muscles from contracting, which smoothes out facial wrinkles.

Who is an ideal patient for anti-wrinkle treatment?

Patients who are considering this procedure include those who have:

  • Mild wrinkling of the face
  • Wrinkles in the upper third of the face, including the forehead, between and around the eyes
  • Realistic expectations as to what anti wrinkle injections can do

In addition, you should be physically healthy with no pre-existing medical conditions. Anti wrinkle injections can be injected into a variety of facial areas to treat many different types of wrinkles. These include:

  1. Frown lines
  2. Forehead lines
  3. Periocular wrinkles
  4. Lines around the mouth

All patients should be in good health and have realistic expectations about what can be achieved with anti wrinkle injections

We do not treat patients below the age of 18 years of age.

Healing is better if patients refrain from or quit smoking.

The procedure is performed purely for cosmetic purposes, to help improve one’s image and self-esteem.

The Consultation

The consultation begins by having an opportunity to discuss your ideas, concerns and expectations about the procedure with your surgeon, and ask any relevant questions you may have.

Your surgeon will:

  1. Take a focused history and examine you
  2. Explain the procedure
  3. Take your needs and preferences into account when deciding on the most appropriate treatment option for you

During anti wrinkle injections, patients sit in an elevated position and the area to be treated is cleansed with Hibiscrub. It is then injected in to the desired sites. Usually, the surgeon will inject four or five sites on each side of the forehead and two or three sites around each eye. Ultimately, the number of injections will depend on the type of wrinkles and the desired effect. When bleeding occurs after treatment, your doctor will put pressure or ice on the area to slow or stop the bleeding.


Are the effects of Anti Wrinkle Injections long term?

The injections can last for up to one year.

Is there discomfort during injection?

There is very slight pinch during the injection with little or no discomfort.

Is it safe?

When administered by a qualified surgeon in an accredited facility is very safe.

How does it work?

The injection blocks nerve impulses causing muscle relaxation. This reduces or s wrinkles.

How long will the treatments last?

It differs from person to person. It is dependent on how many units are injected (more units = longer effect), the strength of the muscles, and each person’s own unique chemical makeup. The muscle-relaxing effects  should be expected to last anywhere from 3-5 months.

How soon can I see the results?

It does not work immediately. It can take a few days for you to start noticing the relaxation effect. The muscles then continue to relax for several more days after that. You won’t see the full effect for two weeks.

What are the side effects?

Side effects are very rare. Very minor bruising and swelling and sometimes a headache is experienced.

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