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Arm lift surgery is also known as a brachioplasty. It is a surgical procedure for removing excess skin and fat on the underside of the arm from the shoulder to the elbow. This gives the arms a slimmer, more youthful contour and helps your upper body look more toned.

The skin on the upper arms is very thin and not very resilient, which is why everyone will have some amount of drooping skin, as they grow older. That’s why no matter how hard you try; it’s often impossible to get rid of the excess sagging skin on your arms using exercise alone. And even though the sagging skin on the upper arms may seem insignificant compared to the larger amounts of sagging skin elsewhere on the body, everyone can easily see the arms.

An arm lift is a relatively straightforward procedure that poses few risks and offers patients a relatively easy recovery. The best way to determine if you’re a candidate for an arm lift is to request a consultation with one of our expert  surgeons.

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Sculpting and contouring the upper arm

Arm lift benefits

The most popular reason for getting an arm lift is that you have experienced dramatic weight loss that has left you with saggy, drooping skin. This excess skin on the upper arm can look flabby, which might be embarrassing or cause you to be self-conscious when you wear anything with short sleeves.

Dramatic weight loss isn’t the only thing that contributes to loose skin on the upper arms. Some people develop dropping, sagging skin in that area as a natural consequence of aging and gravity. Exercising regularly (especially the triceps) will keep your muscles tight, but it won’t fix excess skin or remove stubborn, diet-resistant fat deposits.

Along with removing excess skin and fat, an arm lift will result in tighter underlying tissues of the underside of the upper arm. This will give the arm as a whole a tauter, smoother appearance.

Who is an ideal candidate for arm lift surgery?

A good candidate for arm lift cosmetic surgery is generally a person who is in good health and is also of normal weight. Surgeons also look for someone who has been unsuccessful with using diet and exercise to improve the tone of the arm. This is not a simple surgery. There is anesthesia, which carries risks. There is also the scar issue to deal with. Anyone considering an arm tuck should consider a board certified plastic surgeon who has done many of these procedures.

When we get older, and lose muscle tone, we may not like what we see in the mirror. If you extend your arm, you may notice a flap of skin that hangs down.

In an ideal world, diet and exercise could correct this. But for some people, that is not enough. An arm lift or brachioplasty can improve the beauty and appearance of the arm.

An arm lift is also known as a brachioplasty. During a brachioplasty, the surgeon makes an incision in the arm. Excess skin is removed, and extra fat may be removed as well. Afterward, there will be pain and swelling, which can take several weeks to go away. There will also be a scar. Generally, the scar will run down the underside of the upper arm. Sometimes, a surgeon will do a mini arm lift. This procedure leaves a scar in the armpit where it less likely to be noticed.

Risks that you are exposed to include infection, fluid accumulation, haematoma, skin necrosis, poor scar healing, and blood clotting. Your surgeon will also discuss with you the chances of revisional surgery, which is different from post surgery follow-ups and future surgery. In the period leading up to the brachioplasty procedure, you will be asked to give up smoking if you are a smoker. Aspirin can act as a blood thinner and you will be asked to stay off it.

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Can an arm lift be combined with other body contouring procedures?

Arm lift surgery can be performed after extensive weight loss. The loose and sagging skin will be removed. Breast lift surgery and tummy tuck surgery work on the same principles and can achieve remarkable results. To find out more, please schedule a consultation with a surgeon at Centre for Surgery.

Arm Lift Surgery FAQS

What should I do before arm lift surgery to prepare?

Refrain from smoking

Stop certain medications which increase the risk of bleeding

Apply an  antiseptic lotion before surgery

What happens during arm lift surgery?

The surgeon will make the incision from the axilla to the elbow. Skin and fat will be removed. Stitches will be used to close the incisions. The procedure takes about two hours.

What is the recovery period like?

Avoid gym activity for two weeks

Patients can return to work after one week

What is the scar like?

The scar will be on the inside of your arm. Very fine sutures will be used to make the scar as inconspicuous as possible. The scar will fade over time.

Mini arm lift (armpit based incisions) – From £4200 all inclusive

Full arm lift (incision also extends down the upper arm for a fuller correction) – From £5400 all inclusive

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