What is a mini arm lift?

An arm lift, otherwise known as a brachioplasty, is the removal of excess skin from the underside of the arm. This can occur because of a range of reasons, such as weight loss or sometimes just because of ageing.

However, sometimes people want to remove this excess skin without having a full arm lift. As a result of this, a procedure that is becoming increasingly popular is the mini arm lift.


What is the difference between an arm lift and a mini arm lift?


Before deciding whether or not you want to undertake a mini arm lift, it is important to fully understand the differences between the two procedures. Both the arm lift and mini arm lift will successfully remove excess skin from the underside of the upper arm. However, the mini arm lift will remove a smaller amount of excess skin. Because the arm lift is removing more skin and fat, you will have a scar running from the elbow to the armpit. The mini arm lift will only have a scar under the armpit, so it will be far less visible.

Can I have a mini arm lift?


The best candidate for a mini arm lift is those that have sagging skin on the underside of the upper arm. Whether or not you are a suitable candidate will depend on how much skin and fat is required to be removed.

Candidates will also need to be in good physical health, have a healthy BMI (ranging from 18.5 – 24.9), and be a non-smoker or stop smoking at least two weeks before surgery and stop smoking throughout the recovery period. You will also need to have realistic expectations of what the procedure can achieve.

Before having the procedure, you will have the opportunity to have a consultation with a surgeon, who will discuss your wants and needs, your medical history, assess you and decide whether or not you are a suitable candidate or if a full arm lift is a better option.

What does a mini arm lift involve?


The mini arm lift will be performed under a general anaesthetic. At Centre for Surgery, we use the exclusive ClearSleep™ technique. This means you are asleep throughout the whole procedure and are unable to see, hear or feel anything. However, ClearSleep™ does not involve any breathing tubes or machines. You also recover quicker and will wake up with a heightened sense of wellbeing.

Once you have been given the ClearSleep™ anaesthetic, the surgeon will make an incision in the armpit. Next, the excess skin and any fat will be removed. The incision will then be closed.

This procedure takes around one to two hours to complete, depending on how much excess skin and fat there is to remove.

What can I expect from the recovery period?


After the mini arm lift, it is normal to experience some swelling and bruising around the incision site. If necessary, you can take pain medication to help manage any discomfort.

You can expect to return to your normal day to day activities after a few days. However, you will still have to avoid any strenuous physical activity for about a month following the procedure. The scar will be slightly visible but will fade over time.

You will have to return for follow up appointments. This allows the surgeon to see how your recovery is progressing and can address any problems or any of your concerns.

Can I have a mini arm lift with other surgeries?


Some patients will choose to have this procedure performed at the same time as other surgeries such as a tummy tuck, a body lift, or a thigh lift. If you are wishing to combine procedures, you will need to discuss this with your surgeon during the initial consultation, in order to assess whether or not you are an appropriate candidate.



Are you interested in a mini arm lift? This is a procedure Centre for Surgery currently offers! Contact us today to find out more information or to book a consultation. 

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