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abdominal separation diastasis recti UK

Abdominal separation – diastasis recti after pregnancy

Pregnancy can result in significant changes to a woman’s body, including a persistent bulge around the tummy area which ...
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Tummy tuck vs Liposuction

tummy tuck vs liposuction UK
Many people may struggle to get their pre-pregnancy body back or may have developed significant amounts of loose skin after ...
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How to get rid of FUPA – Fat Upper Pubic Area

FUPA bulging mons
The distribution of fat in our bodies is determined by several factors. The presence of stubborn areas of excess fat ...
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Exercise after tummy tuck – top tips

exercise after tummy tuck UK
A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess skin and fat from the ...
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BBL & Gluteal Fat Grafting – BAAPS Update

BBL safety UK BAAPS update
Gluteal fat grafting (GFG), more commonly known as a Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, has recently been studied by the ...
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Botched liposuction – can it be corrected?

botched liposuction uk
When a liposuction procedure does not produce the results which patients hope for, this can be a significant source of ...
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How much does BodyTite cost?

how much does bodytite cost uk
BodyTite is a highly effective treatment for mild to moderate skin laxity affecting areas such as the abdomen, arms or ...
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Liposuction vs non-surgical fat reduction

liposuction vs non-surgical fat reduction UK
Non-surgical fat reduction has increased in popularity in the UK, with tens of thousands of women and men having the ...
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