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breast implant problems

What are common breast implant problems?

Breast implant surgery continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK to enhance breast ...
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What are the most natural looking breast implants?

natural breast implants
Breast augmentation continues to be one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery operations in the UK, with over 2000 procedures ...
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What is breast revision surgery?

revision breast surgery
The appearance of a woman’s breasts can have a significant impact on mental and emotional well-being. Women can often ...
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What are the natural alternatives to breast implants?

natural alternatives to breast implants
Breast augmentation most commonly involves the insertion of breast implants although fat transfer breast augmentation has recently emerged as a ...
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What does a breast augmentation involve?

breast augmentation UK
There is now a vast amount of online information about all aspects of breast augmentation surgery. Many patients see our ...
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What are the causes of uneven or asymmetrical breasts?

breast asymmetry uneven breasts
Asymmetrical breasts can be caused by several factors, including hormonal fluctuations, traumatic injury to the breast, puberty, and simply being ...
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What are tuberous or tubular breasts?

what are tubular or tuberous breasts
Tuberous breasts, also known as tubular breasts, most commonly have a tube-like appearance. Tubular breasts are cone-shaped with a narrow ...
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What are puffy nipples?

what are puffy nipples
Puffy nipples develop when the nipples or areolas develop a swollen appearance which causes the nipples to project outwards and ...
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