Corset Trunkplasty – What is it?

A Corset Trunkplasty, also known as a Corset body lift, is a procedure designed for people who have lost a lot of weight and have been left with excess skin. This procedure helps to slim down the waist and to contour the figure. It has also been compared to a body lift or an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).


Why chose Corset Trunkplasty?


Some surgeons state that with an abdominoplasty that the skin/fat removal is only focused on the lower abdomen neglecting the upper abdomen. This would leave the torso looking disproportionate and uneven. With a Corset Trunkplasty, the whole abdomen is targeted, removing the skin from the upper and lower abdomen.

Why you may not want to undergo a Corset Trunkplasty


With an abdominoplasty one of the first parts of the procedure our surgeons carry out is liposuction. This is performed over the whole abdomen to get the best end results from the abdominoplasty. Doing the liposuction first will leave the stomach flat with only one scar across the scale of the pubic bone. However, with a Corset Trunkplasty, they remove the skin from the upper and lower abdomen causing multiple scars. There will be one long scar running vertically down the centre of the abdomen and multiple scars which run horizontally across the abdomen. Here at Centre for Surgery, we do not recommend this procedure as the recovery and healing is a lot longer compared to a tummy tuck and this period can be very painful.

What we recommend


Here at Centre for Surgery, if you have undergone major weight loss we advise you do one procedure at a time. As a large procedure like a Corset Trunkplasty is very dangerous as the risk of infection and blood loss will be higher. Whereas having one procedure at a time like an abdominoplasty, then a month or so later and arm lift etc it gives the body a chance to heal and recover.

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