Trampoline neck lift

What is a neck lift? 


A neck lift is a non-surgical or surgical procedure that allows the look of ageing to be reduced in the neck and jawline. The excess fat and loose neck skin are removed and smoothed out to ensure the neck looks reasonably more youthful. A neck lift can be performed in a variety of methods, including:

  • The surgical neck lift
  • The trampoline neck lift
  • Neck liposuction – an alternative for those who are looking to remove excess fat from the neck and jowls, rather than excess skin.

How is a neck lift performed?


The surgeon will make a small incision either behind the ears or under the chin – this will ensure the scar is not as visible after surgery. This incision will allow for any excess fat to be removed. This is done using Centre for Surgery’s ClearLipo™ method. Loose or sagging skin is tightened, making the face and neck look younger.

You will generally be given a local anaesthetic, however, considering the procedure can take between two to three hours, some people will opt to have ClearSleep™ anaesthetic.

After the neck lift, it is normal to experience bruising and swelling. This will fade after around two weeks when the full results will be more noticeable. You will have to avoid any strenuous activity for about three weeks. You may take around a month to fully recover from the neck lift.


Trampoline neck lift


So how is a trampoline neck lift different to a traditional neck lift?

The procedure takes approximately one hour. The surgeon will create a series of pinpricks across the jawline. Next, a surgical thread is weaved through the holes created by the pinpricks and are tightened together to tighten the loose skin around the neck and chin. The tightening of the skin is compared to the stretching of a trampoline, hence why its named trampoline neck lift. There are many benefits to the trampoline neck lift such as a short recovery time which you are able to return to work after a couple of days and will be able to return home from the procedure the same day. The effects you may experience after the procedure is slight swelling and bruising for the first couple of weeks and the skin may feel tight and numb for a couple of weeks also.


When to start contemplating the trampoline neck lift procedure


The trampoline neck lift procedure is normally considered by patients when the first stages of ageing occur around the neck area. Around the neck is where the skin can become looser and begin to sag which contributes to the cause of wrinkles. Another contributor to sagged neck skin is when a patient has lost considerable weight leaving a lot of excess skin therefore sags. If these things occur to someone then trampoline neck lift procedure to tighten up the skin around the neck to sag can be a solution or using other methods of neck lift also as it can help stretch out wrinkles leading to the skin looking more youthful.

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