How to choose the best breast implant size

When you first decide to undergo breast augmentation, there are going to be a lot of questions. One of the first things you may think of when you are having breast augmentation is what size implants are you going to get? How do you even know if you will end up choosing the right size?

Fortunately, by doing your research, as well as attending a consultation with a surgeon, you will be able to determine the implants that will best suit your body and will help to achieve your end goals.

How breast implants are measured

The first thing to know is exactly how breast implant sizes are measured. Many women will have an idea of how large they want their breasts to be going by bra size – they may want to increase one or two cup sizes. However, bra sizes vary from store to store, and as such, this is not the measurement system used for implants.

Instead, implants are measured in cubic centimetres, otherwise referred to as CCs. Implants range from 120cc’s to 850cc’s. When you book a consultation, you will be able to see sample implants and see the different sizes. You will even be able to put the sample implants into a bra and try them on. This will help you gauge an idea of the best size breast implants for you. During your consultation, the surgeon will also be able to employ 3D reconstruction techniques which will show you exactly what the implants will look like on you.

The rice test

There are various other things you can do to get an understanding of the exact size of the implants. One of these is known as the rice test. This involves filling a stocking with rice (keep in mind that 30 cc’s is one ounce). Flatten the rice and place it within a bra that is not padded. This can help you to get an idea of the actual size of the implants before you have the chance to come to a consultation with the surgeon. Some women may wish to undertake this test but with water and ziplock bags instead of rice.

However, knowing the sizes and trying on samples are not the only factors which will influence which size implants you eventually decide to get. There are many questions you will have to consider before settling on a final size.

Important questions which will alter the size of the implants include:

What will the implants be made of?

At Centre for Surgery, we use silicone-based implants which are approved by the UK medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency (MHRA). Saline breast implants are no longer used within the UK.

Silicone implants consist of a cohesive silicone gel which holds together. This feels more natural and more closely resembles breast tissue than saline implants.

What breast profile can I have?

A breast profile means how forward the implants will protrude from your chest. A low profile is fairly flat, while a high profile will be more prominent and may appear more unnatural. Those who are wanting to be larger but still appear natural may wish to choose a medium profile.

Which implant shape can I have?

You will also have to decide on which implant shape to have. This will either be round or teardrop. Round implants tend to be more popular as they provide more fullness in the cleavage area.

The size of your body

The surgeon will take measurements of the base width of your breasts. The surgeon will also take note of how broad your chest is and the space between your breasts. The surgeon will also note your skin elasticity and how much skin and tissue is available. This will help the surgeon to know what the maximum size implants you can have.

Problems with larger sizes

Some women may wish to choose implants that are larger sizes. However, before doing so it is important to consider whether or not the larger size is actually right for you. While larger sizes may be perfect for some women, they may not actually suit others. If you have a small body frame, with less skin and tissue available, you may not be able to have large size implants. If you choose to have them, the edges of the implants may become visible after surgery. Large implants can also cause other problems such as back and neck pain.

It is also important to consider your lifestyle. If you undertake a lot of physical exercise, particularly large implants may interfere and become problematic. You may also wish to undertake the rice test with a large size and try on a variety of clothes. In certain clothing, particularly clothing that is not tight fitting, large implants can make some women appear as if they have gained more weight.

Are you wanting to have breast implants? Centre for Surgery are specialists at breast augmentation. Contact us today for more information or to book a consultation with one of our surgeons. 

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