What is liposuction of saddlebags?

What are saddlebags?

Saddlebags is another term for the outer thighs. Large pockets of fat are often located in this area, and as such can make the outer thighs appear larger and more prominent. This can make the top of the thighs appear larger than the hips.

The saddlebags also an area of the body which is difficult to target with a healthy diet and exercise regime. This area can become worse with time as we age and our metabolism starts to slow. As a result, this is often a very disliked area of the body.

Fortunately, liposuction is an option for removing saddlebags.

How effective is liposuction for reducing saddlebags?

Liposuction is a very effective solution for those who have been unable to lose their saddlebags through a healthy lifestyle. Liposuction is able to remove the stubborn fat, while still leaving you with a feminine silhouette.

Can I have saddlebag liposuction?

If you have tried to decrease the size of your outer thighs through methods such as diet and exercise but have had no success, and would like the fat to be removed, you may be a suitable candidate.

You will also need to have a BMI that is below 30. For health reasons, we are unable to offer this procedure to those who have a BMI that is over 30, as the risk of complications is too high. You will also need to be 18 years or older, and be a non-smoker or be able to stop smoking at least two weeks prior to surgery, and throughout the recovery period. You will need to have reasonable expectations about the outcome of the surgery.

How is saddlebag liposuction performed?

At Centre for Surgery, saddlebag liposuction is performed using a technique known as ClearLipo. This is a liposuction method used exclusively by Centre for Surgery.

Unlike other methods of liposuction, ClearLipo does not involve the use of heat. This means that you avoid any external and internal damage from the heat, as well as any trademark signs of liposuction, such as the rippling on the skin.

ClearLipo involves injecting the outer thighs with an infusion of a solution containing a local anaesthetic and a vasocontrictor. Not only does this soften the fat, but it also reduces the likelihood of bleeding, bruising and swelling.

Next, power-assisted liposuction is used to aspirate the fat globules. This ensures the stromal network and blood vessels are not damaged, reducing the risk of bruising. A vibrating cannula is then used to ensure the fat cells are separated from the connective tissue framework. The final stage is redistribution, where the remaining fat is equalised and moved to other areas without being reinjected, leaving the outer thighs contoured and smooth.

The procedure will be performed using Centre for Surgery’s ClearSleep anaesthetic. This is a type of general anaesthetic which removes the use of breathing tubes and machines. You will be able to wake up quicker following the procedure, and you will experience a heightened sense of wellness.

What is the recovery period like?

After saddlebag liposuction, it is normal to experience some swelling, which should go down after 7 to 10 days.

You will need to take at least two to three days off work to fully recover. You will need to avoid strenuous exercise for at least two weeks. After this point, you can resume mild exercise. You can return to your usual day-to-day activities after a total of six weeks.

You will be required to wear a compression garment around the hips. This will help to speed up the recovery period by reducing swelling, as well as help to keep the thighs in the best shape possible. You will have to wear the compression garment for three weeks at all times, except when bathing. After this point, you will need to wear the compression garment for a further three weeks but only during the day.

You will be able to notice the results of the saddlebag liposuction immediately; however, you will experience some swelling which may take up to three to five months to fully subside.

Are you interested in saddlebag liposuction? This is a procedure that Centre for Surgery currently offers. Contact us today to find out more information or to book a consultation with one of our surgeons.

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