What is the perfect breast implant for me?

Having the perfect breasts is something every woman dreams for, sadly Mother Nature does not always supply us with the ideal assets. Thankfully we have great surgeons who can help to right mother nature’s wrongs. However, choosing the perfect implant may be a daunting task, it is important to have all the right information so you can make an informed decision.


Why is it important to pick the perfect breast implant?


Choosing the best implant is very important for many reasons. One of the reasons may be that choosing too big of an implant may cause pain in areas like the lower back or even the chest. In contrast, choosing too small of an implant may look like you have had nothing done. There is also the shape of the implant to consider, the shapes of the implants are normally either teardrop or a round implant.


Round breast implants vs Teardrop/Anatomical shaped implants


Teardrop/Anatomical shaped implants

These shaped implants give women a more natural and contoured look. These implants give women more volume towards the bottom of the breast and less volume at the top; this gives a very natural breast shape. These are ideal for patients with very little to no breast tissue.

Teardrop implants:

  • Will need surgery if the implant rotates
  • Gives a natural look to the bust
  • Only gives volume to the bottom of the breast
  • Normally for women with little or no breast tissue.

Round implants

Round implants are for women who generally just want more volume in their bust. The round implants are more suited for women with more breast tissue. These implants create volume not only to the bottom of the breast but to the top also giving a more ‘perky’ look.

Round implants:

  • Have no issues if the implant rotates, as its shape is completely round
  • Gives a noticeable difference to the bust
  • Gives volume to both the top and bottom of the breast
  • Usually best for women who have a significant amount of breast tissue
  • Can be placed above or under the muscle.

However, we recommend you think wisely about the best type of implant for you and your body shape. It is also a good idea to have the opinion from multiple surgeons to get a good idea of what implant is ideal for you.

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