Best diet and exercise plan post liposuction

Liposuction is a way to quickly lose that extra bit of weight in those stubborn areas. Usually, liposuction is performed on the stomach, flanks, back and thighs. But it can be used in an area which stores fat. Although liposuction helps with weight loss, it is not a weight loss solution. By having liposuction it will help to remove fat from stubborn areas which are hard to remove naturally. However, post liposuction you are not finished. To be able to maintain that perfect body, you should be able to eat correctly and work out as well as wear your compression garment religiously to be able to keep your results.


Foods and drinks to avoid post liposuction


Once you have the procedure, the work does not end there. Here is a list of the things you should try and stay away from!

Processed foods – these should be avoided as they are usually full of sugars and preservatives which can help to regain fat.

Saturated fats – saturated fats are bad because they are not healthy fats, so it may lead to weight gain with excessive consumption.

Trans fats – trans fats are known to help to lead to heart disease and obesity so with or without liposuction these kinds of fats should be avoided.

Salty foods – salty foods can cause inflammation within the body.

Sugary foods – sugary foods should not be consumed in large amounts as it can help to contribute to unnecessary weight gain.

Alcoholic drinks – whilst healing alcoholic drinks should be avoided as they prolong healing and they can also cause weight gain.

–  Caffeine – this is because it is bad for your heart and gives you a temporary boost of energy.

Fats and oils – this is because they will help contribute to fat re-growth.


Post liposuction exercises


Your surgeon should advise you on when you are able to exercise again, so go by their time frames. We recommend that our patients wait two weeks for mild exercise and six weeks for full activities. Anaerobic exercise is a good way to lose weight and keep fit. Anaerobic exercises include things like walking and jogging. Resistance exercises such as weightlifting or any muscles training are good for maintaining your liposuction results as it will help to reduce fat and increase muscle. It is very important to keep a healthy and active lifestyle after liposuction.

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