Dimple creation surgery

What are dimples?


Dimples are a small hollow area or crease in any oft areas of tissue within the human body, usually the cheeks. Dimples are created when a muscle in your face called the zygomaticus major is shorter than it should be. The muscle pulls on your skin which forms an indentation in your cheek. Dimples can also be inherited. However, in some cases dimples are formed when there is an excessive amount of fat on your face.


Why do people like dimples?


Old Asian folklore says that dimples are a sign of fortune, fertility and inner beauty.  Within the western community, dimples are seen as cute, unique and beautiful. Another reason why people would want dimples is because most people want what they do not naturally have, for example, people with straight hair would love to have naturally curly hair, just like people without dimples would love to have dimples.


How some people acquire them


Many people would rather risk using home remedies to create dimples than going to a trained surgeon and undergoing the procedure, some of the methods we do not recommend using.

One of the methods is sucking your cheeks in for long periods of time. This method does not work; sucking your cheeks in will not be able to create dimples as it will have no effect on the muscle.

Many people believe either using your fingers or a small rounded object to press in your cheeks for a long period of time will force dimples to be created. Dimples will be created but will only last for a couple of minutes as the skin has been indented with the force.

Makeup, some people use makeup to create the appearance of dimples. Just like people use makeup to create larger and more prominent cheekbones. This method could create the appearance of dimples and a good alternative if you are scared of surgery and commitment.

Having a dimple piercing, some people will have their cheeks pierced to create dimples. However having this done will leave obvious scars when the piercing is removed, but it does create dimples. Because of the piercing also the dimples will be there 24/7, not just when you smile.


The surgery


The procedure starts off with the patient being numbed in the cheeks with local anaesthesia. Next, a punch biopsy instrument is placed against the inner cheek (buccal mucosa). The surgeon will then twist the device in a circular motion to remove. After the tool is used, a circular core of tissue will be removed from the cheek still leaving the skin intact; it will leave a small shallow defect under the skin. The inside of the cheek is then closed with one or two absorbable stitches which dissolve over the period of a couple days.

Within two weeks the skin will begin to flatten out creating a normal non-swollen appearance. When the scar inside of the cheek heals the dimple will then be visible when smiling. But the healing period for each person varies. This Surgery can be performed on cheeks that are chubby or not.

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