Dimpleplasty, what is it?

Recently the urge to create dimples has been extraordinary! We think it goes hand in hand with the old phrase, ‘you want what you can’t have’. Dimples a result of one of the muscles in your face called a zygomaticus major is shorter than normal. This results in a dimple being formed. It is also usually genetic; they are inherited from the dominant genes, so if you are not blessed with dimples a dimpleplasty is for you!

Why may you want to undergo a dimpleplasty?

People may want to have dimples for many reasons. One of the main reasons someone may want dimples is because it is seen as a sign of beauty. Dimples are universally seen as cute and youthful.

How is a dimpleplasty performed?

When performing a dimpleplasty nothing other than local anaesthetic is needed to numb the area and make the procedure pain free. Once the area is fully numb a small incision is made on the inside of your cheek, the best thing about having the incision inside your mouth is that there are no visible scars. Next, the muscles in your cheek are slightly separated in order for a small suture to be passed through a layer of skin on the inside of your mouth. Lastly, the suture is tied to meet the patient’s desired look. The dimple is then formed.

For the first couple of days the dimple is present at all times whilst your face is adjusting to the change. However after a week or so the dimple will then begin to look more natural and only appear whilst smiling or pulling certain facial expressions.

What are the pros of undergoing a dimpleplasty?

One of the best things about a dimpleplasty is that it can be performed on anyone! No matter how big or small the cheeks are. Another amazing thing about this surgery is that usually, the procedure does not take longer than 40 minutes with very minimal down time! It is also reversible and safe. So if you no longer like it the sutures can be removed and you are then dimple free again.

What are the cons of undergoing a dimpleplasty?

One of the biggest issues with a dimpleplasty is that they are 90% of the time. The other 10% can disappear over time or even suddenly due to a suture breaking. Also if an insufficient scar forms there may be issues with the dimple forming properly also. But like all procedures the first-week post op it is crucial that you follow the surgeon’s aftercare plan so that it all heals well.

In conclusion undergoing a dimpleplasty procedure is perfect all, it may take a week or so to look the way you want to, but the results will be great!

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