Lifestyle changes to make after having cosmetic surgery

Undergoing cosmetic surgery can be an exciting time in your life, particularly if it is a surgery you have been wanting for years. After spending a large amount of money on plastic surgery, it is understandable that you will want the results to last as long as possible. For some people, this will mean making some changes to your daily routine following your cosmetic surgery procedure.

So what lifestyles changes will you have to make after having cosmetic surgery?

1. Rest

You may want to get back to your normal routine as soon as you have surgery. However, if you had a particularly invasive procedure, it will be important to get sufficient rest during your recovery period. Exactly how long you will need to rest and alter your routine will vary from surgery to surgery. If you had a non-surgical procedure, you may be able to resume your usual routine straight away. However, procedures such as breast augmentation or abdominoplasty will require you to take some time off work and avoid strenuous physical exercise and heavy lifting. This will ensure you avoid any complications and do not damage the wound.

2. Follow a healthy diet

Unfortunately, having liposuction does not mean you will be able to eat whatever you want and not have to worry about gaining weight. After having any cosmetic surgery, you will have to make sure you follow a healthy diet. There are even certain foods you may wish to eat to help speed up your recovery.

After surgery, make sure you are eating a lot of fruits, vegetables and consume enough protein. You’ll want to avoid foods that are high in saturated and trans fat, as well as surgery and processed food. This will help to ensure you stay in the best shape possible and are able to enjoy the results of your cosmetic procedure.

3. Get enough exercise

Following your cosmetic procedure, you will need to ensure you are getting enough physical exercise every day. During the recovery period, you will have to be careful with what exercises you undertake. Walking will be encouraged in order to avoid the legs becoming stiff and blood clots occurring. Once the recovery period is over, you will be able to undertake more vigorous physical exercises, including core exercises and heavy lifting.

You should be aiming to do at least 30 minutes of exercise per day.

4. Stop smoking

If you are a smoker, prior to having cosmetic surgery you will be required to stop smoking. Smoking can have numerous negative effects on the body during and after plastic surgery, including complications with wound healing. If your surgeon knows you are still smoking, your procedure may be cancelled, as it may be deemed too risky to go ahead. You will also be required to stop smoking after surgery until the recovery period is completely over. This will allow you to have the quickest possible recovery.

5. Stay hydrated

It sounds simple, but it can be easy to forget to drink enough water every day. Being dehydrated can delay the recovery period. If you are experiencing a lot of headaches or have dry lips, it may be a sign that you are not drinking enough water.

6. Get enough sleep

Getting enough rest and enough sleep during the recovery period is crucial. This will allow your body to fully recover from surgery. Not getting enough sleep can have numerous negative effects on your day to day life. A lack of sleep can cause irritability, a lack of concentration, and can cause you to experience a low mood. Not getting enough sleep for a prolonged period of time can even lead to medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity or high blood pressure.

Most people will need to get eight hours of sleep to function properly the following day.

Undertaking these healthy lifestyle changes will ensure you will be able to be in the best shape possible and enjoy the results of your cosmetic surgery for as long as possible.

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