Myths that claim to prevent sagging breasts

There are many different causes for sagging breasts, often it is due to extreme weight loss which can cause the breasts to become sagged, in contrast putting rapid weight on will also cause sagging breasts as the skin stretches when weight is gained faster than the body can handle it. When in pregnancy avoiding breastfeeding will not be able to prevent the breasts sagging but during pregnancy, the breasts become larger and heavier which ends up stretching the ligaments and causing sagging. Another potential cause for breast sagging is not wearing a sports bra at all or a sports bra the correct size when exercising as when breasts move when in the motion of running or doing various sports this will cause the connective tissue to strain, the connective tissue attaches the breasts to the chest and skin which covers breast tissue. With a properly fitting sports bra, however, this can prevent sagging breasts.


So what are the myths?


Myth 1 – Night Time Bra

It is a common belief to think that wearing a bra whilst sleeping will prevent the breasts sagging. However this is not the case as wearing a bra only is able to give the desired shape and look whilst the breasts are held in shape by the bra when the bra is removed the breasts will return to its natural position. It has even been said that wearing a bra can worsen the breasts sagging with the support working against gravity this will actually weaken the breast’s ability to self-lift, becoming solely reliant on the bra.

Myth 2 – Performing Chest Exercises reduces Breast size

Some people have come to believe that performing chest exercises will cause the breasts to reduce in size than preventing sagging. With chest exercises, it is useful for weight loss and can reduce the amount of excess fat tissue in this area but this isn’t entirely true it is really dependant on metabolism and genetics.

Myth 3 – Wearing a larger bra size to yours will promote the breasts sagging

With those that wear a larger bra size to make the breasts appear fuller, it isn’t proven that wearing a larger bra will cause the breasts to sag but mainly for the women to be comfortable they should wear the correct bra size.

Myth 4- Applying cold water to the breasts will prevent the breasts sagging

A seemingly strange belief is that applying cold water to the breasts will cause the breast tissue to shrink which will result in the breasts being perky and lifted. However, it is only believed that doing this will only result in the skin becoming more elastic rather than being able to prevent sagging breasts.

Options available to reverse Breast Sagging

There are a variety of different surgical options to reach your personal ideal breast size and shape such as; breast implants, Breast augmentation, Breast Lift and reduction. All of these techniques are designed to achieve your personal ideal breasts and can leave you with the lifted breasts you may have wanted. If you wish to have a procedure done, please book your free consultation below to discuss the best options with your surgeon. 

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