Outie to an innie Surgery | Umbilicoplasty

Belly buttons are the result of being connected to your mother for 9 months. Before you had a bellybutton you and your mother as connected by an umbilical cord which provided you with blood, carbon dioxide and other nutrients you needed to grow. Some people have innie belly buttons and some have outie belly buttons. However, some people do not like their natural belly buttons.


What causes an outie belly button?


Having an outie belly button is quite rare, around only 10% of the entire population have outie belly buttons. Having an outie belly button is as rare as being left-handed. There is not just one set cause for an outie belly button, there are multiple reasons why someone may have one.  One of the reasons may be that you may have an umbilical hernia, this when your stomach muscles do not fuse together properly after the cord falls off resulting in a protruding belly button. How far apart those muscles are also determines how big or small your outie belly button is. Essentially every single belly button is a lump of scar tissue. Also, some belly buttons are sticking out because they may be clamped a different way after birth, this may be a cause it.

Why may you consider surgery?


As around 90% of the population have innie belly buttons the 10% who do not may feel a bit strange or may not like their belly button. Having an outie belly can also be very obvious in some cases. It may be hard to find clothes that disguise or even hide a outtie belly button so that may make people feel uncomfortable. Also in the case of a hernia, it may be causing the person some pain or discomfort. If this is the case a visit to your doctors is needed.

My story

James (24) – I have never been a self conscious person but there is one thing I have never liked about my body, my belly button. I has always been rather large and protruded a lot. This means that it was an emotional struggle to go shitless out in public or even find clothing I felt comfortable in. I felt as a man I shouldn’t feel insecure about these things, but I definitely was. I knew there were options to get rid of it but I wasn’t ready to take the leap for two reasons, I am scared of the idea of surgery and I also did not have the funds. However I was recommended to go and visit a surgeon at Centre for Surgery, they had a finance option available as well as being able to calm me down about my upcoming procedure. I did not have a hernia it was just down to the way the surgeon tied it so it was not a complicated procedure. It was not a long procedure and the recovery was very fast. Centre for Surgery has gave me my confidence back; I can never thank them enough for that!

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